Find Jerm and Win!

Where in the world is Jerm? We know, but we’re not telling. If you can figure it out though, you will not only have the chance to tell him all those mean things you’ve been commenting to his face, but win free stuff from Windells!

Stay tuned later this week as we release Jerm’s location. The first person to find him and take a photo with him, will be spotlighted on our blog, website, Facebook, and Twitter account (ya know, all those social media hot spots). Most importantly, YOU WIN STUFF! This winter we will be giving away apparel, gear, discounts, and more! You don’t want to miss out. Keep a close eye on all those social networking apps, because once the scavenger hunt is on, you won’t want to miss out.

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  1. eastcoastzeachcoast
    eastcoastzeachcoast says:

    I bet he is playing hide the baby pickle with his mom. He hides it in her bum everytime…..

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