Yawgoons #2


Featuring Dylan Gamache and Marcus Rand.
other riders: Kai Wiggins, Brian Skorupski, Mary Rand, Derrek Lever.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

  • huh


  • magic

    these kids kill it, so fun to watch their edits

  • is anyone else as interested as i am about why there is a chairlift there and where does it go? but regardless those were some good moves, well put together.

  • Eric Tion

    I really enjoy these videos

  • Anyone wondering where the snow comes from?

  • ^snow comes from guns danny and there is two chairlifts that take you to a 200 vertical foot peak jerm. you two herbs should come u would have a blast guaranteed.

  • Tyler

    I am most interested in why there is never ANYONE else at the park there?

  • butternutz

    marcus and dylan are my heros. more, more, more!

  • brendon rego

    HOLY SH***T M DOT!!!!!

  • Willy Wonka

    So sweet

  • brohan

    Dylan Gamanche is the truth.

  • Dr. Evil

    the rands rule

  • Gerg!

    These videos remind me why I love snowboarding. Thanks guys!

    (Mr. Gouin, don’t be shy about putting yourself in videos, we saw the Mt. Snow edit…)

  • hUh

    is that a front mj at 52?

  • clayton bigsby


  • there vip sessions. nobody else is even aloud to ride what they set up. gets taken down right after the shot

  • karnkarn

    VIP status warranted. Progression is alive and well in RI

  • g-dun

    Straight Hypothermic Heat Rocks!

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Mary Rand is attractive

  • Jerm’s mom

    Jerm! Get off that play box before a smash it with a rolling pin!

  • lilreignbo

    the most moves

  • Not a search

    Now that is how you do a front blunt same way. Last kid was insane.

  • alex

    the rands rock!

  • Add more Mary Rand in bikini’s.

    Boner Patrol

  • scott gallo

    the production quality of this video was fuckin great.


    this is why i watch videos on yobeat. Inspiring shred moves there from some serious captains.

  • churr boy

    Derek lever is a straight boss

  • ^straight dickhead

  • dblock

    this time i say “YEA BUDDY!”

  • dayum

    first video on here in awhile i wanted to watch more than once.

  • free burberry

    footage cut to the strokes: genius

  • LER

    Love the truck driver. Blast from the past

  • EASTbumF***

    Mary Sorry for cutting you off last year. Marry me?

  • churr boy

    @jerm… kids the man yr a fool.

  • heynow

    marcus motha fuckin rand. holy fuck

  • ja’mai

    marcus is sooo random