Defenders of Awesome: Scott Stevens FULL PART


Scott Stevens needs your help! We’re not biased, but CAPiTA is, so they’ve pushed up the Internet drop of Scotty Steves full Defenders of Awesome part to inspire you to go vote for the man in ESPN’s Real Snow contest. He’s up against urban double-corkin’ mad man Halldor Helgasson and there’s 50k on the line, so if you care even in a little, go vote here:

  • Ashton

    God bless Scott Stevens!

  • Seymour

    I cant wait til one of these guys destroys one of their knees because of this one-footed garbage. It’s not hard, just dangerous. Enjoy your old man cane fools.

  • hagfish

    It already happened. Scott broke his ankle like three time in a season a couple years ago. As for hard not dangerous, I think you may be referring to brisse’s dare devil street gaps. This shit isn’t easy.

  • hagfish

    dangerous not hard*

  • aaron

    Scott Stevens is awesome!!!!!! Seymour, keep your negative comments to yourself

  • greg #2

    seymore shoudl die. stevens is a boss at snowboarding and life. fuck yourself seymore canadain faggot

  • spencerr

    hey seymour put some footy up of you doing a one footed melon to backboard on a gap to handrail. come on im waiting

  • clayton bigsby

    SCOTTY STEVES WAAAAAPOW! i’ve always been a fan of his video parts. not only does he throw down but seems like he’s just out there having a good time

  • BGM

    Seymour: why would you wish harm on someone like Scott Stevens? Or any snowboarder out there doing the tricks they want to do? You are a disgusting person.

  • Scott Steven’s is the boss of all bosses. He has done a great things for snowboarding… seymour has no dick or creativity.

  • N1er

    seymour i just googled ‘hater’ and found a picture of you. you’re one ugly mthrfker. u clearly got some issues too man

    the link to vote is wrong. here’s the correct link:

  • karnkarn

    Scotty Defended Awesome.

  • llama

    I once heard someone say, “Scott Stevens is quite possibly the only person in the world with no haters.” I’m sad to learn that this isn’t true. Fuck you Seymour.

  • oldtimer

    Just about to buy Defenders of Awesome but with this and the Brisse section I don’t need to. Thanks yobeat!

  • Wes

    Phil Jacques part is worth buying the movie for.

  • life changing.

  • yoshi

    hows he gonna top this next year zomg

  • paco

    Seymour butts is it? fuck off Steven’s a boss i cant wait to see you shit pancakes from being such a homo

  • Tyler

    @yoshi – Ive said that every year. and it somehow happens.

    Dont question the king

  • squares

    that awesome moment where he destroys everything. without being strapped in.

  • mdot

    stevens is so tech and this was dope but i still like when scotty vine sends front sevens one footed off like 80 ft booters.

  • Quinn





  • S-Video

    Voted from the grave – vid’s murderous.