Lipton’s Real Snow Breakdown

Remember when you started snowboarding? When it was a simple joy and any and all obstacles in your way were not only objects to master but also held the power to blow your mind? We do too, and that’s why we think it’s odd that ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, has decided what’s “real” in snowboarding. Sorry pipe jocks and slope bros, but you’re just energy drink guzzling sky dancers now. How do we know? Uh, the Real Snow contest, duh. Now in it’s second year, we’re still not sold on the concept, but damn, with a lack of snow, these dudes have really been putting in work. Here’s our thoughts.

Dan Brisse (watch it)

Can you believe it? Dan Brisse went all huge again. What’s rad about this is the old elite have once again been put to the test to save their careers, but, I really don’t care about most of these shots. What I do love though is the opener, and the wall slam revert thing.

Will he win? Maybe, the mainstream like seeing dudes go fucking huge, and didn’t he win last year?

Louif Paradis (Watch it)

I bet the motocross crowd and pipe-moms are going to glaze over the fact that Louif’s part is completely fucked. My favorite shot in this entire circus has to be the wall ride back lip. I mean, that’s just not safe.

Will he win? Probably not, unless actual snowboarders are voting.

Jed Anderson (watch it)

With a weird mix of death defying gaps and enough, “Fuck you.” ‘tude to make Mom worry, Jed’s doing just fine. The big question remains though, where are these guys finding snow?

Will he win? If the youth vote comes in he just might. Word is he’s crazy popular among the children.

Pat Moore (watch it)

Pat Moore is probably the world’s most underrated rider. Sure, he’s rich. Yeah, he’s fucking big time. But look at his never ending level of creativity, balls and skill. Who 270s 60 feet to a rail a story or two above them?

Will he win? I don’t know if he has the “crazy” factor Brisse gets simply by association, but he’s going to make any and all onlookers feel like wimps for sure.

Nick Sauve (watch it)

This is one of those, “Check how extreme we are, bro,” moments. Total bummer he got hurt, but, this is some big deal contest that defines the very definition of “real” snowboarding. Michael Jordan didn’t win championships by getting hurt, why is this vid even in the running?

Will he win? Um, no.

Halldor Helgasson (watch it)

This kid continues to crack me up. He’s a glutton for punishment, a total weirdo and obviously talented beyond belief. Oh, and the blunt on the double kinked curve rail is probably one of the harder things I’ve seen in my day.

Will he win? Well, the “mainstream” loves him and he did the double cork, but I doubt it.

Bode Merrill (watch it)

Let’s be honest here, Bode’s at his best when surrounded by powder and massive jumps. That’s not to say he’s not still ridiculous in the street, did you notice that one-footed thing? Most people can’t slide that ledge let alone blast half cocked into it.

Will he win? Dude doubled, one-footed and went “big”. He’ll be a contender for sure.

Scott Stevens (watch it)

Like Louif and Jed, Scott’s got the whole unique thing going for him. Will the mainstream get that what Scott’s doing is fucking one of a kind? Obviously not. Will they think the foot slide on ice is sweet? Duh. Will they care about the mini features? No, they will probably hate that.

Will he win? Eh, probably not, but that’s ok.

If you want to vote and help one of these dudes win 50k, you can do so here. If you just want to watch all the videos in one place, we posted them here.

  • TRS


  • derp
  • Haldor for the win

    Real snow is a term that JP and Jeremy came up with, because their snowboarding is so real. Yo Beats two favorite riders!

  • hmm

    louif. thanks lipton, i’ve been waiting for this.

  • Le Grand Fromage

    Scott Stevens for PRESIDENT FOR LIFE

  • ble

    while the name is fucking stupid its sick that the normal world gets to see that theres more to snowboarding than jock flips. now the espn just needs to broadcast rices supernatural contest.


    Jock flips? Im pretty sure anytime someone straps in its awesome. Flipping or not. Bode did a double backflip and Haldor did a Crazy corkscrew through buildings. Just cause you can’t catch air. O yea your on yobeat, you dont wear water proof clothing and don’t catch air.

  • Agreed

    Couldn’t agree with this more. Louif is the fucking man!


    Im going to take this time to say that JP “the don” Walker is a huge fag.. He can suck my young nuts but know he will never be young again and now hes a washed up bitch with retarted looking hands and has no respect.. Fuck that guy. But ya louif jed and bode and scott for the win. Fuck the don

  • bruce

    i liked haldor, louif and bode, loved jed and pat, a little dissapointed in stevens and brisse; but i was blown away by pat’s part; was not expecting such hot fire; sadly Haldor will probably win because 12 year olds have massive hardons for him (not that it wasnt good)

  • matt

    why does everyone hate on brisse so much?
    nick lipton you know you would never step to anything he hits. and its not like hes just winching into street road gaps anymore. hes doing sick fucking tricks on huge obstacles.
    god damnit you people piss me off. go into the streets and try to do the shit brisse does on even normal sized features.

    everyone’s parts were sick.

  • Portland Rules

    Bruce, Haldors gonna win because he deserves to win. Louif was amazing, but Haldor beat is gonna beat him out. You have a hard on for Louif. I have a hard on for all these dudes.

  • Eric Tion

    halldor’s front blunt 2 out through the curved kink was one of the heaviest tricks ever.

  • Bryant Davis

    Nick Sauve….i could have made a video and had a better chance at winning.

  • bruce

    Portland Rules: i didn’t say haldor’s part wasn’t sick; i really liked it but i preferred pat and jed’s parts;
    and when did i say anything about louif other than i liked his part?

  • JP’s Chin

    honestly, what is snowboarding?

  • Portland Rules

    You said sadly he will win? That means your boner goes to Louif doesn’t it? I think im getting a boner for you right now.

  • Portland Rules

    Or you just have a boner. I dont know?

  • yeeeeee

    im no 12 year old boy but i did love jeds

  • UH?

    When did Lipton hate on Brisse’s part? Pretty sure it was a compliment.

  • Sam

    Halldor is one of my favorite riders to watch. Ever.

  • Jed’s ender was fucked.
    Louif’s ender was fucked.
    Bode and Halldor’s enders were fucked.
    Nic Suave got fucked.

    We’re all fucked.

  • yoyougotfruit


  • hater skater

    right now it looks like all the guys i voted for are losing, but that’s to be expected in a contest like that. I liked everyone’s part though, they all killed it, but louif and stevens were my favourite. maybe also haldor’s, but I kinda dislike him for some weird reason, same with brisse.

  • paco

    agree with lipton pat moore is too underrated as proof by no post on this comment board about him.

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Everybody vote for Nic!

  • “Sorry pipe jocks and slope bros, but you’re just energy drink guzzling sky dancers now” this might be the best quote ive ever heard.

  • squares

    anyone know the deal with the really butch-ass music in all the edits? jed vs pat for frontside handplants was a toughie.

  • dick lickd’on

    i love being told whats mainstream and whats not by someone whom is worse at snowboarding than 70% of the field at your local hills womens 15 and under comps…

  • ^youre a dumbass.


    ironic, then, that half these kooks are wearing monster energy drink hats. motocross 4eva/do the dew.
    real snow?
    or real wannabe skateboarding on a snowboard?

    ya’ll need to go to mt baker and have some fucking fun with the rascals. leave yr energy drink hat at home, please.

  • where’s all that snow? alaska and canada suckas. moores whole part was up here in AK and i think 2/3 of the dudes had most of their shots in AK as well.

  • we’re all hating on this contest why? obviously everyones been waiting to see these parts all year. especially with Jed, Scotty, Bode and Halldor getting into the contest. the fact that espn can take a few riders to make a minute long part and have every rail rider in snowboarding flip out over the parts/riders and start taking sides means that espn did something right here.

  • potatoe

    I strongly dislike when people say “i don’t know?” are you honestly too fucking stupid to not understand if you comprehend something or not.

    I strongly liked pats part

  • Jerm’s Mom

    Dinners ready!

  • eastcoastzeachcoast

    Halldor looks like a 13 year old blonde haired girl in his picture……

  • gettit

    one word: Jed. absolutely killin it.


    STEVENS. You got it.

  • took you long enough

  • switch

    Simon???Chris Grenier……..if he doesn’t make the cut into the video section at least let him mc the real snow jam. Hollaatchaboy, ya Bode!

  • Jerm’s unupdated blog

    hey, its been a while. if your going to link me, at least post something recent on me.

  • thumbs up

    halldors frontblunt 270 is the heaviest trick on this planet. he deserves to win.
    stevens should get something for his creativity. at least people get to see what creative snowboarding looks like after the embarasing shove-it show last year.
    I hope Jed doesnt win. he has to be punished for not snowboarding more often. I want an edit every week lazy!

  • Ashton

    Stevens vs Halldor is a bad match up. They shouldn’t have put them together in the first round.

  • Lucio

    I have been to the red DFDFD jed hits in his part (the gap to backlip and the bs blunt 270 out) and that rail is crazy all of his tricks were so proper. My vote is for Jed, louif and scott all of them killed it sadly the majority of the people dont know about snowboarding and would rather see a simpler trick on a larger feature then a complicated or cleaner trick on harder feature. Dont get me wrong i wouldn’t hit half those features.

  • ^ Chia mayn. Jed’s switch back nosepress back 3 and the switch back 270 to forward have got him tied with Louif so far. Louif had crazy lines and invented more crazy NBD tricks

  • OK

    who cares. real snow comes from “real street”-the skateboarding aspect of this competition. anywho, theyre all mad sick.. how can you hate on suave? not his fault he got hurt-whats he supposed to do-not submit a vid? and damn fuck nick lipton

  • espn

    yea louif! yea jed! yea bode! yea scott! yea pat! that was sick! yea dan! yea halldor! yea nic! that was really cool! YEAA!!!



  • Plymouth State

    Pat Moore’s part was just ridiculous, he’s got my vote!

  • Winches and Angles

    Is it annoying to anyone else when an entire part is shots of someone being winched in by some motorized contraption? What ever happened to finding hills, or building ramps with what we like to snowboard on…snow?

    Also, quit filming the rails/features instead of the rider. In Steven’s part 80% of the frame is like a pole or rail sitting there doing jack shit, and the other 20% is Scott actually doing the trick. I want to see a video of Scott Stevens snowboarding, not a video of what Scott Stevens snowboards on. Last shot was like ‘backflip to masterlock.’

  • sketchy nigga

    yo l got rocks

  • guy

    chris Bradshaw would be a solid contender.

  • M3TH

    52ND !!!!!

  • I’m voting for Jerry Sandusky. KPDC x BBC.

  • sam cosby

    Lipton just gives it to them raw. You’ve got to respect that.

  • Boss Don

    Just wait till the boss don drops some heavy shit y’all be tripping holla attcha boiiiiiii

  • Minty Shorn

    So Louif is the only one with a capital “w” when it says (watch it). Is this some sort of weird way to predict the winner YoBeat?

  • randy mathews

    halldor wins because they put a camera on a remote control airplane

  • Timwindellsballsack

    Pat Moore always blows me away, some of the best grabs.
    Everyone threw down, gotta go with Halldor for the amazing filming.

  • Give it up for Louif. I also think he had a strong chance last year, plus he said thats all he was focusing on for this part of the season. He didn’t even give a fuck about Real Street. Way to set out and conquer. Canadians are just cleanin’ up this year!