Status 2012


Please ignore that sad brown background and just enjoy some jumping and rail sliding from the Status team.

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  1. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    oh c’mon, i bet you guys dont like it when people comment on tight pants or gangsta style or whatever it is you think is cool. Sure, they may look like a bunch of skiers but the riding was good. yobeat is turning into fuckin transworld, with everyone commenting on each other’s clothes and trying to be “core”

  2. seank
    seank says:

    whats horrible is all you kids sitting here hating on this video. get a life, go snowboard because its fun. stop hating

  3. Mr. Sarcastic
    Mr. Sarcastic says:

    Are these guys wearing outerwear, how dare they. What are they going to be in the snow or something. They should be out there in their sisters pants and flannels cause that’s what hot right now.

    All you hipster bitches in your tight pants look gayer than AIDS. whoever said these guys should be skiers, loosen up those grape smugglers you’re rocking then kill yourself homo

  4. OmaticForeverBlows
    OmaticForeverBlows says:

    Oh man, nice vid with some kids not trying to look like f*cking dirtbags, rocking outwear protection from the cold and water as well as wearing some head protection to protect themselves from unnecessary brain damage. What do we get ……..some dirtbags commenting on how they look like skiers! Hhahahhahahah Thats awesome.
    Emo = dirtbag/fagela.

  5. Loonadic
    Loonadic says:

    What the fuck is this shit? Stay the fuck away from Loon you fucking kooks. What is 1:40 all about? Never seen a rail before? Eat glass Status

  6. bill...
    bill... says:

    this comment board has almost nothing to do with the edit, just a bunch of kids whining about how they like to watch stuff other than the stuff they are watching, but i guess that’s what comment boards are for these days…

    the title of the video says it all: Too Many Clowns… Not Enough Circuses.

  7. Wasatch Project
    Wasatch Project says:

    Zac put your money were your mouth is, my dollar says you can not even 3, you talk out your backside. Justin Has almost every trick in the book, and style for miles.

    Yeah buddy- whats gay about people trying to better them selves, gay is a looser like you opening your mouth. My guess is they rejected your resume.

  8. terry
    terry says:

    Obviously status is here to stay ..their team is fresh as fuck and all you haters just wanna hate , probably because you dont have half these trick and if you did the public would see them and know who you are. These cats are on the map so just go shred and have fun and stop hating , its not what shredding is about. oh and for the kid talking shit about staying away from loon, im pretty sure sean, shaffer , and honeycutt hold that place down and stay holding it down. Fall back homie.

  9. Wasatch Project
    Wasatch Project says:

    One more thing Yoshi. I know for a fact these are no rich kids. They are struggling to make it work. Taking on multiple shit jobs as well as going in debt. So before you run out the mouth about something you know nothing about maybe you should think before you type, so you don’t look like such an azz.

  10. A$AP
    A$AP says:

    i think comparing yobeat to TW is dumb, people come to yobeat specifically to hate on wack videos…. if status wants there balls played with they shoulda fucked with TW, if they wanted to get shit on, they came to the right place& are getting what was coming there way. YObeat love.

  11. csm
    csm says:

    wow, aside from matt shaefer who is a g, these kids are huge faggots, and status is probably the gayest thing that ever happend to snowboarding. not enough circuses for these clowns.

  12. terry
    terry says:

    Its so funny cause everyone on here is cleary mad at life. Which parts weren’t good .. the cab tens front tens back tens doubles or every other spin in the book and the dope rail tricks?
    # HATERS just like I said. grow up and respect whatss good.. I bet if torstein or some other big name was throwing the same tricks, you haters would be riding their fuckin jock. Fuckin clowns, have some respect

    STATUS ROCKS says:

    Holy shit I cannot stop watching this edit! So fucking rad your guys totally rip. I’m at loon all the time and you guys run shit. Id love to run your shit. .. I just ordered 3 boards !!!!!!!!! :):):):):): 8====D in your • sean!

  14. A$AP
    A$AP says:

    terry if you want doubles to get some props, send your videos to espn…

    no one fucking with YObeat cares about a cork anything….

    you dumb, son.

  15. ritard
    ritard says:

    the kook who said to stay away from loon, loon is terrible. no one actually wants to ride at loon except for you and your boyfriends.

  16. jerm
    jerm says:

    if you cant put your biases aside and acknowledge that these guys are actually pretty sick are riding jumps and rails then you’re a moron.


    I didn’t watch this edit, but I just gave myself pinkeye and smoked a dust blunt
    ~J SNAKES~

  18. dankshop
    dankshop says:

    These status riders are easily better than half of you. I dont like the company much. But can respect the riding. Get a fuckin life.

  19. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:


    this kid rides for Gatorade and Progenex, a workout supplement company that’s motto is “Make every rep count”.

    Really? No trick you do, no matter how amazing, will ever make up for that. Ever.

  20. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    bright colored outerwear + spin to win = bunch of jocks on snowboards… status is lame as fuck

  21. Doug Fagel
    Doug Fagel says:

    Don’t understand the hate. Rail rats are hilarious. Too scared to jump so they hate on it. Not a fan of status but their riders are well rounded. Can’t hate on that.

  22. OND KID
    OND KID says:

    Man, so much hate on stupid crap like what these guys are wearing?! I didnt know this was a fashion show. These guys are sick! who cares? Also Status is the shit! Mad props to a company that has been producing boards for less than 3 years and putting out a high quality product. But a haters gonna hate I guess.

  23. wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
    wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man says:

    all you fashion police faggots are funny, the only people who care about that shit are girls and flamers… so i guess its time to decide, which are you?

  24. OmaticForeverBlows
    OmaticForeverBlows says:

    Rail rats, love it. Too scared to jump–yup, pretty much correct. God I cant wait to see this trend of looking ridiculous pass into history. Will it, or are we forever stuck looking at tight pantsed, greasballs with long scraggly hair and moustaches? Say it aint so.

  25. yoyougotfruit
    yoyougotfruit says:

    Fuck all of you, especially people who dont understand that when you hate on us haters, the jokes on you at this site.

  26. rich/overrated/notalent/spintowin/skiier guy
    rich/overrated/notalent/spintowin/skiier guy says:

    so what you guys are saying is… its “gay” to follow your dream, and If you prefer hitting jumps to doing rails then you must be a skier deep down?

    …well then I guess Travis Rice is a Gay Skier

  27. pam
    pam says:

    i never cared how talented a “team” was or how many all-scholastic awards they got in their high school athletics programs, instead of having fun in this video it seems like its just another day at the gym for them, id much rather watch something like the salomon team vacation edits with good ol fun boardin’ and good times, on a side note their whole brand imaging is just complete doodoo

  28. jerm
    jerm says:

    “i never cared how talented a “team” was or how many all-scholastic awards they got in their high school athletics programs, instead of having fun in this video it seems like its just another day at the gym for them,” I can respect this. Thank you for being intelligent and not just saying something like “fuck these jock fag skier fucks”.

  29. Yummy
    Yummy says:

    I can’t believe i just read every one of those comments, just to realize that status isn’t cool? I knew that once I read the video, waste of a comment board

  30. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    i totally agree with pam that’s what i meant by jocks on snowboards… just another day at the training facility for these fools and status snowboards blow

  31. cloud 9
    cloud 9 says:

    i wear tight pants and rock a skinny stance and still think these guys rip…
    since when did jumps and outerwear suddenly become gay? i guess thats why kids skip whole backcountry sections and kicker sections in videos. Our generation is confused as fuck about snowboarding. yobeat proves it

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