Rejected Edits


Apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or a veteran to the snow sports, you can still make bad edits. From Northern Vermont all the way to Southern California, people are still filming, editing and submitting garbage day after day.

JNEP Nation

Grade: D-
You almost had me fooled in the beginning. Solid editing and the pink Floyd song. But as soon it turned into a couple 14 year olds reciting flocka versus in the back seat of a mini van I lost faith. It really went down hill from there, parking lot dancing, and then the worst part, the snowboarding. Terrible, just terrible.

After Hours at Sugarbush

Grade: C
This is basically the same video that Lemi made for L.O.L. 15, but worse. I don’t know how someone who claims to film and edit snowboarding as their profession manages to make worse edits than some dude with a handy cam making webisodes. You’re lucky the riders are good or this edit wouldn’t have a chance.

Day in the Life

Grade: D
You might need to get checked for scoliosis. That posture looks like it could be hazardous to your health in your elder years. I think the problem is that your mittens are too heavy. They swing around like wrecking balls pulling your shoulders down prohibiting you from standing up straight. And is a questionable back tail on a small ass rail really worth showing twice? Beyond that there are too many suspect things to cover.

Live Action

Grade: D
This is worse than the last Big Boulder edit. I know this season is rough but there has to be something better to do than film a small ass rail.

killn tha game # 16

Grade: C-
I was pretty excited when this video came into my inbox. I remember seeing killin tha game awhile back and having a good laugh at their site and shirts. I thought they had since gone out of business, if they ever were even a real business. Now I’m amazed that they’re still kicking and some how managed to make 16 volumes of edits without myself ever seeing one. But about the edit. It’s a compilation of poorly filmed zeaches, better luck next time guys.

NRN Snowless December

Grade: D+
Never before have I seen so many zeaches in such a short period of time. The triple line train really is the most effective way to pack a lot of poorly executed tricks into a short timespan, so kudos on that.

Mt. Hood Shreadows edit

Grade: F
Naming your edit “Shreadows” is a sure fire way to get put onto the rejects pile. I get it, you’re shredding and it’s at Mt. Hood Meadows, shred replaces the beginning of Meadows nicely. It still sounds dumb. Little piece of advice, don’t slow mo shitty tricks, it just emphasizes how bad you are.

Fast Laps 1

Grade: C+
Your opening shot is a missed grab. Come on. Until you can create an edit more entertaining than this one don’t submit again.

Hopes for a White Christmas

Grade: D-
Bart why must you try and make people care about your crappy stories? Your crew and you don’t ride very well and you film worse. You might be able to get away with a 30 second edit. But you put in all those weak shots and then try to tell a story about your life. It’s awful, no one cares, stop doing it.

Orford Early Dayzz

Grade: C+
Enough with the flocka already, what would your mother say if she knew you listened to such aggressive music? Your rail riding was actually pretty good, but between the song choice and that shit on the lens it’s a real challenge to get through the whole edit.

  • magic

    jnep video is less than or equal to 1/4 snowboarding. why

  • fibs

    wow no illinois videos for the first time in a while

  • idiot

    the first video is illinois

  • yeah buddy

    Yeah you weren’t joking about the after hours video. The filmer/editor is multiple levels below the riding. Then again, the fucker is from Vermont

  • poop


  • fibs

    yeah sorry about that i didnt even make it to the riding to see that

  • matt

    whats so bad about afterhours?

  • Aaa

    Is all this hate gonna actually make these kids better or quit it?

  • MattMcGregory

    How you be kill da’ game son? You blast 8 year old’s learning to snowboard like douche bag!

  • Buck

    Why would anyone ever send their videos to this site? If you are stupid enough to think anybody would want to watch your edit with your friends hitting sweet park boxes, you deserve the wrath of jerm.

  • That’s rabbit hill edit was the sickest..skiers and swivels!

  • rolled up snowpants are about as cool as accidental zeeching

  • Grag

    i’m always stoked if one of of my edits gets rejected, it’s usually pretty funny to see what people have to say even if it’s criticism

  • asdkjfnsDJ

    that sugarbush video was pretty good if you ask me, so what if the filming and editing wasnt the best the riding was

  • dk

    fast laps had some hammers

  • happy camper


  • Fuck Jerm

    Eat shit Jerm, Barts a rad dude, and so are the people that he rides with. If you think otherwise then you should just kill yourself

  • JNEP Nation is Fucking Gay








  • Jack Schroeder


  • Bufff

    That first video is kids from michigan or indiana. they are not from illinois.

  • colin

    whats wrong with the after hours edit is that jerm really hates after hours

  • colin

    whoever filmed killin the game go sell your camera and never film again.

  • Kodyy

    Fuck everything

  • he$h

    shreadows steeze uhhhhh saaaaaahhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. shipyard rail garden 4 1yph3

  • JeremiahPaquettemustlovedudes

    funny shit is, is that Bart is one of the best riders in washington.

  • JeremiahPaquettemustlovedudes

    oh yeah jerm. EAT A DICK NIGGUH

  • JeremiahPaquettemustlovedudes

    Hey Jerm, Does your mom know your gay?

  • Rod Dangerfield

    can’t believe jerm rejected my edit and talked shit about it. we weren’t trying/i didnt send it in/we’re way better than you/my edit is better than the other rejects/why do you hate me.




    hey jerm, could you please snort a line of bathsalts offf my boner?!
    ~J SNAKES~


  • karnkarn

    snow conditions at Orford looked awful but pretty good tricks

  • dirtbag

    when will you get off your high horse and take the stick out yo ass, half these kids will be the next underground killers in 5 years. you act like pros dont ever zeach, not everybody can film the same shot 40 times a day to get one good one.

  • hahahahah

    Jerm’s shitty edits. Hey jerm don’t slow mo shitty tricks it only shows how bad they are.

  • dankshop

    How is the new after hours not on yobeat yet??? step it up!!

  • Charlie

    JNEP Nation get over yourselves and fucking snowboard, you probably did more filming yourselves jerkin off and editing then actually riding.

  • Bill Sanchezzzz

    My edits are seriously worse than all of these combined!!! Do these kids submit theme thinking they’re good edits worthy of being posted, or do they submit specifically to get on the Rejected page? Do I just email Paquette to get on here?

  • i love when people get so offended they take time out of their day to find old edits of me. that just tells me ive done my job right.

  • LIL B

    Brooks Karchner>Alexis Mailhot

  • kyle

    jerms right.. just because there’s a slow motion effect on your editing software doesn’t mean it has to be used for every single trick.. shitty

  • alaskanthunderfuck

    woah diss vt/ the east coast onemore time and i will come to portland and kick ur holden wearing hipster asses

  • ^ i love a good challenge

  • Sour Cheezle

    Let me just make this very clear. JNEP is from illinois. Michigan Rejects them

  • Tim

    I was gonna say please don’t let those kids be from Michigan

  • WTF is going on

    Ok, rejected edits can be funny. But, I also thought they were funnier before I saw the riding of the people who run this site. They fucking suck at snowboarding–a lot worse than most of the people in these edits. Some edits suck only when compared to pros, and some edits suck compared to most kids who ride, I just don’t get it. Do you have to just do a bunch of 270s off rails in the woods pre season to get a non rejected edit? I just don’t get it.

  • paco

    “God hates JNEP Nation”
    ~Westboro Baptist Church

  • we the jneps, are from indiana, we are accepted in michigan and illinois. so fuck alll yalllll

  • peter don

    its funny how errybody hates on jerm its the internet get some steadicams people and no one wants to watch a 5 minute long shitty edit from windows movie maker

  • Aiden from NRN

    dude are you saying I could try harder? fuck im 16 and I dont get paid to do make videos. I just do it for fun.

  • that nigga at da corner

    where can i score some dope?

  • DD

    I don’t know whats funnier. The rejected edits or the comments from the mad kids who’s edits got rejected…….. Fuckin Hilarious how mad they get!!!!!

  • oinadofbg

    Yo I know it’s your job and all, but I think you should cool it a little bit on the video hating when you’re in a bad mood or whatever else what might make you upset… Hating on mittens? seriously? I don’t really care about the other ones, but there were way to many… isn’t it usually just like one or two?

  • Gucci Mane


  • MasterCheifer

    jerm, you have honestly lost all sense of snowboarding as a whole. #1 you are 10 times worse than all of these edits. #2 your shit stain of an edit should have been put in her every time. #3 your a jealous ass mother fucker because you were never, and never will be, anywhere near as good as these kids.

  • Ryan Sheetz

    How the fuck does after hours get rejected? Bad filming? Yo beat has the lowest standard for filming out of any snowboarding website. This is actually just retarded, I’m over this site.

  • dr. dubya

    Yobeat is ironic and funny; people who obviously care about snowboarding and do it themselves, while incessantly make fun of it. If you don’t like the website, don’t visit it. And if you’re still upset about it, remember that the creators of the website still aren’t nearly as cool as their heavy ego’s and dedicated amateur snowboarding fan-base would suggest.

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