Drink Water Hits the Big Time

The beacon of journalistic integrity that is the New York Times is clearly not sponsored by an energy drink, as the it just jumped on the Drink Water bandwagon. That’s a misstatement actually, as a highly professional journalist, Jeff Dinunzio (who is not Jesse HUffman), remained highly unbiased and even got the other side of the story explaining that maybe caffeinated carbonation isn’t so bad after all. If you were wondering what “real journalism” looks like, enjoy this excerpt:

Fox and Smith said opposition to energy drinks stemmed from the drinks’ ingredients, which in addition to sugar and caffeine include guarana (a plant that contains caffeine), taurine (an amino acid) and ginseng, as well as the size of doses found in servings. Unlike traditional sodas, energy drinks are not regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

As a rule, the F.D.A. considers these ingredients safe.

“Caffeine is generally well tolerated,” said Bruce Goldberger, professor and director of toxicology at the University of Florida College of Medicine, who has spent a decade studying the effects of energy drinks. “But there’s many physiological effects large quantities of caffeine can have. Increasing blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate. In some, it can lead to cardiac arrhythmias, and hyperactivity and anxiety in young people.”

And that’s why we’re not real journalists. We can also say with no ethical dilemma that we support these dudes and you should too. Read the full article here and then go support the cause at www.wedrinkwater.com