Life of Lemi 15: Sugarbush


No hiking. Just boarding.

Riders: Luke Haddock, John Murphy, Jeremy “Lemi” Landy, Tyler Lynch, Yale Cousino and Ralph Kucharek

  • travioli

    Da Bush is thick this year…with sick rails and riders

  • squares

    pretty sweet bush. i /did not/ actually watch another fucking episode of lemi.

  • yoyougotfruit

    Hell yea so sick

  • drB

    hellyeah! yale crushing it as always.

  • molespit

    the jews on his grind, chyea ralph

  • danP

    now that’s making the best of it

  • winterbush.

  • btv

    luke haddock stole beer from my house. caught him red-handed

  • sesh 3

    fuck ya ralph

  • shaquille oneil

    did haddock get picked up by t9? he finally moved up from drake i guess

  • ^still wont give up that shitty tie dye t shirt though.