Win: A Yobeat x MAKR Wallet


This year the Yobeat staff was rewarded for putting up with my bullshit and working for slave wages with pretty much the best holiday gift ever. Our friends at MAKR Carry Goods made us a very limited (like, 12 total) run of Yobeat x MAKR angle wallets. We decided to get a couple extra for the Yobeat museum and since we’re still in the holiday spirit, we’re giving one away to a lucky reader.

However, seeing as these are pretty much the coolest thing ever, we’re not going to make it easy. To enter, find the answers to the following Yobeat trivia questions (they can all be found on the site) and email them with your name and address to [email protected] I will pick a winner, at random, from all correct received entries on Wednesday, January 4, 2012.

1. Who is the only photographer to have more than one photo in the Firing Squad Champions gallery?

Robbie Sell. We also would have accepted Jay Cagney.

2. What crew won the 2011 Arnette Crew Clash?


3. Which artist’s work was featured on the first Yobeat Limited Artist series shirt?

Corey Smith

4. What floor of Leo Burnett does Nick Lipton work on?


5. Who found two used condoms at Party Time Nate’s house?

Intern Austin LeMoine

And the winner is… Mitchell Maisel from Martinez, CA. Lucky bastard.

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  1. NCScott
    NCScott says:

    yeah whatever happened to the “draw something cool win shit” contest. this involves research and knowing people.

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