Just Two Minutes — Jon Kooley


“Just Two Minutes” is a video series by Nitro Snowboards and L1 Outerwear. 2 minute edits featuring different Nitro riders and the cool shit that they do. Check back often as these will be featured on YoBeat all winter. On deck for the next “Just Two Minutes,” Justin Bennee and Jordan Mendenhall.
Brought to you by Nitro Snowboards.

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  1. brazzers
    brazzers says:

    this whole “the spot” shit is such a bite off the bone zone.
    just jp walkers way of making himself feel better for not being judged by little kids that rip harder than him

  2. wiz
    wiz says:

    So Sick!!! Jon seems like such a sweet dude and an amazing rider. Such Good Style! I cant wait to see some more Wayward stuff.

  3. jerm
    jerm says:

    @brazzers i could be wrong but i think jp and jeremy jones have been doing their “spot” up there for quite some time. possibly even before the “bone zone”.

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