Under Review: Dakine Baron Mitts


We sent a big package of gloves to Minnesota to undergo the ultimate glove test: the Hyland Hills rope tow. The Dakine Baron mitt is up first, and as you’ll soon see, may be tough to beat.

Edit: Jacob Durham
Tester: Travis Peterson

  • The Truth

    This video was really gay until he knocked those kids on the tow rope over. After that, somehow the video got even gayer.

  • kvlt

    smokin str8 leatha
    fucking lol at 1:35

  • makefriendsorgethigh

    Wait…Are Al and Jill brothers?

  • ( . Y . ) thumbs up for boobies!!

  • Kodyy

    Who wears gloves?

  • wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man

    how the fuck how are those gloves still intact? and yes, him knocking everyone down and off the tow was by far the greatest part, except id probably be pissed if he did it to me, but he didnt so it was awesome. funny how the world works…

  • minnesotanice

    what a dick.

  • free burberry

    that hyland, so hot right now.

  • Cannonsburg

    Everyone knows you gotta snake people on tow ropes. RIP the 15 pairs of gloves I’ve ripped thru learning to snowboard in Michigan

  • jeffy

    all of my favorite people in an edit, fuckin shit up! im bout it bout it!

  • this kid is so fat

  • ya he may be fat, but i bet he was a way smaller dick than all of you

  • teedle dee

    fuck yeah jeff. bout it bout it. JD SCUM

  • teedle dum


  • Willie James Huff

    these kids are huge matts

  • Bassgodisgay

    Did he eat the gloves afterwards?

  • jig

    damn fat kids

  • I like to fart in my gloves and then put them on. That way my hands smell like farts instead of sweat when I take them off. I like farts…farts are good.

  • Matt Ing