The 2011 YoBEAT Awards

With no snow to start the 2012 season and the chaos of quadcorks on the horizon it’s good to look back, see what a great year 2011 was and make fun and/or award those who truly stood out. Sorry if we missed you, but you can always try harder next year.

Rider of the Year: Bode Merill

Bode Merill was the man in 2011. Sure, he didn’t have his own movie, but he had the best footage in most of them, went toe-to-toe with a legend and kept us all entertained this Summer. For proof of this awesomeness, go check out Absinthe’s “Twelve”.

Don’t bet against Bode. Ever.

Rookie of the Year: Jake Kuzyk

What is a rookie in snowboarding? Seriously, we have no idea. But, we do know that Jake Kuzyk went from small time Canadian kid to big time media heartthrob after putting together the last part in VideoGrass’ “Retrospect”. Good job, eh!

Best Video: Videograss’s Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon had everything we needed and nothing we didn’t. We really loved a few videos this year, but in the end Shoot the Moon was the most entertaining Bad Boy City shit on the market. That’s why Yobeat founder Brooke Geery gave her copy away.

Women’s part of the year: Desiree Melancon

Desiree Melancon wins hands down and without question. Go check out the new Peep Show flick and see Desiree push to blur the line between dicks in vaginas. Pay attention, you’ll see plenty of features that show up in man-only flicks too.

Breakthrough Star Award: Darrah Reid

In pornland they give this award to the cum dumpster who makes the most noise in the real world. In snowboard land we give it to Darrah Reid, because being on Tosh.0 is the first step to becoming a Hollywood icon. Congrats Darrah!

2011 Legend Award: Jussi Oksanen

Jussi might only be 32 years old, but after a storied career was reborn this year it’s obvious he is one of the best we’ve ever been lucky enough to watch. Check out last part in the new Burton movie if you don’t believe us.

Shaun White Razor Scooter Award: Shaun White
Money, power, respect. Shaun earned the first ever Shaun White Razor Scooter Award, and if you’re unlucky enough, it might just be you next year!

Scooters = Mad Bitches

Internet Tough Guy Award: JP Walker

JP Walker made every salacious comment, every utterance from Jerm, every negative thought in the world wide web seem like glitter and kittens when he went to battle with Bode Merrill earlier this year. For that, we salute you.

Most Likely to Fail: Transworld Snowboarding.

Come on, laugh.

The Bozung Best Award: Ben Rice

With Nate Bozung on some strung out holiday affair between NYC, Utah and Bear Mountain we thought it only right to create a reward in his honor. So step up Ben Rice, this mother fucker has your name all over it.

Biggest Oops: Lindsay Jacobellis

When Lindsey Jacobellis’ Tangled Remix hit Youtube people shit themselves. When she took it down, because she was embarrassed, it became mind blowing. This woman blew it at the Olympics twice, you’d think she’d be able to stomach some criticism.

Dizzy Bitch Award: Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris, or “Taz” for short, has become the new tripple cork guy. Which we’re sure means something to someone.

Best Trick: The Red Bull Helicopters

This was a close one, between Shaun White making scooters, “Taz” getting dizzy and Gretchen Bleiler getting naked we were stumped. That was until the Red Bull helicopters showed up and shut it all down. You see those things, they were doing some heavy shit. I’d spent hours watching helicopters nose dive in slow-mo at Best Buy, so obviously they win.

Most Likely to Go Pro: Will Tuddenham

Will is on the market and ready to be bought. Let the bidding war begin.


Killing it 2011: Capita Snowboards

Capita Snowboards were the coolest thing about 2011. They put out a team video that we loved. Their graphics are still the coolest in the industry. And, they hired all around bad ass Sean Tedore. Celebration time Capita!

Next Stop Porno: Gretchen Bleiler

Seriously. We called it. You’ll see.

RIP 2011: Weekend/Bond

Who didn’t see that coming, seriously? It was destined for death the minute it hit the Timberline chairlifts a few summers ago. RIP boyz.

  • hmmm

    hell yeah smoke weed everyday.

  • ryan

    Gretchen Bleiler looks fucking gross.

  • Best “I Almost just died moment”: Jed Anderson in Shoot the Moon, you know which one im talkin about

  • poop dung poops

    Shaun White scooter is so hawt right now

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Gretchen Blieler doesn’t look good naked
    Shaun White is still a kook
    and this site is filled with rail gypsies who hate spinning
    I love Yobeat… to another year of rail edits to curb my midweek boredom

  • mes

    no the best i almost just died moment was keegan in givin

  • matttt

    Try harder to be funny, yobeat.

  • mtretard

    Did they photoshop Gretchen’s head onto a man’s body? Not tasty

  • biff

    RIP 2012: Nope. Snowboards

  • wabow

    gretchen looks like a skeleton with scarecrow hair in a skin colored morph suit… that is all

  • Colt.

    Yeah Bode!

  • why is everything in italics now?

    • Lipton failed to close the tag. fixed now!

  • meow

    … but seriously, rip bond and weekend

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    what a shame… i always really liked bond

  • derp

    what hipster comapny will tj schneider be rocking now?
    lets be serious, though
    who wants to watch people spinning?

  • dang. it made me feel like everything everyone was writing was important.

  • who the f.
  • LURK

    i think you forgot to mention Cobra Dogs


    Snowboarding is getting super lame and Yobeat is here to prove it. Way to go Yobeat your just as lame.

  • rpwr

    snowboarding will never be lame dumbass

  • MRKD

    i started skiing because of yobeat

  • MRKD

    then i quit skiing because of new schoolers

  • MRKD

    now imma chill

  • Hedy shit

    You forgot the summer only company, trife

  • karnkarn

    RIP Bond. Some nice looking coats.

  • Yobeat is literally what is ruining snowboarding. Its a hipster website run by a hipster lady. STOP TRYING TO BE COOL BY TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU THIN IS COOL. Yobeat is the TMZ of snowboarding. NOBODY CARES

  • rpwr

    haters gonna hate!

  • i think sir pantsalot is a tws employee.

  • MIKEGrass

    nothing is cool.

  • poop

    im a gypsy rail board snower!!! SO WHAT

  • andrew

    for everyone on here that hates shaun white and burton, watch the red bull project x, gayest fucking movie of all time. They call shaun the poster of snowboarding. hes a piece of shit. If you read this goodluck qualifying for x games slopestyle..

    or having a friend ride with you.

  • well

    ^haha spot on. and comment #5 is pretty much perfect. why yobeat hate jumps so much? theyre way cooler than rails anyway. but i do like rails. theyre easy.

  • herbert the pervert

    I honestly don’t know why I come to yobeat. Only like once a week but every time I do it’s the same shit. hating on JP, praising bode (yes he is good), really bad jib videos, hating on shaun white, boring park edits… it’s retarded. see you next week ya damn hipsters.

  • tws is all ads anyway. Their articles resemble a first grade essay contest.

  • hHHHahahha shaun White—-Seriously—ever notice how the kid’s parts are always him —ALONE. does he not have any freinds? WTF? I’d figger their be tons of kids who would ride with that guy—IF HE RODE a snowboard. He must be some kind of weird dude. Yeah, slopestyle in 2014—doubting it.
    He’s gonna milk that pipe for all its worth—and hope the little dudes coming up dont push him to learn anything new. Slopestyle is done for snow white. He’s made his millions, doesnt need push anything any longer. Maybe he doesnt even make it to Russia? In any case, look for White at the X Games–then he’ll take the year off again like he did lastyear. Why ride when you can make scooters and hang out in LA with your bare chest and leather vest attended to by plastic skunk pussy? Gotta give credit to Matt Donahue for that last line–hhhahaha

  • “Yobeat is literally … a hipster website run by a hipster lady. STOP ”


    “tws is all ads anyway.”