The Motherfucking Mountain Man

Edit by Patrick Wieland

Yo my wiggas and my wiggaets, after a fucked up preseason intern fiasco we decided to cut ties, kill da kid and move on to a whole new tip. That tip is the mother fucking mountain man, Justin Leveille. Welcome him to the Yobeat world with all the hate comments you can conjure. Holla!

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    why would anyone want to intern here? like whats the point? might as well intern at a gas station, at least you will get a minimum wage job out of it in the end

  2. derp
    derp says:

    hey, that was so some pretty clever wording there son.
    do you know the eminem?
    i hear he does that kind of stuff, too

  3. UNGH!
    UNGH! says:

    Killa killa! you so illa! ima smoke a philla, keeps it real in the SSckilla, ya mean? Bruddaman you are brilla

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