The Mighty Midwest Rages On

The So-Gnar Mighty Midwest circuit is underway for 2011/12 and things continued at Buck Hill, MN with a camp and a comp. Watch both the videos right here and read all about what you missed. Then remember, you’re not missing anything by living in the Midwest this year, at least you have parks, tow ropes and stuff like this to pass the time.

The 2nd Shred Circuit qualifiers out of 12, was held at Buck Hill, MN the night of December 17th. With many campers entered along with a good amount of locals signed up, the turn out was awesome and the vibes were even better. All the riders had practice from 5p.m until 6p.m so they could learn the course and plan their attack. Around 6p.m, it was time to get things going. The Red Bull MXT was bumpin’ tunes, the crowd was gathered, and the competitors were anxious to start. A brief riders meeting took place to go over time, rules, the format, and what judges were looking. It was finally time. The contest started on the Zumiez couch and the Coalatree jib, moved on to the down rail, then to the middle features, and finally ended in the bowl allowing competitors to have plenty of time to throw down on every feature. Kids of all ages were throwing hammers left and right and were utilizing the course in ways our minds haven’t thought of. In the middle of it all the Red Bull Wings Team showed up with free Red Bull driving the crowd crazy. All of the madness ended at 8p.m. Everyone headed inside to warm up and anxiously await for the judges to tally up the scores. After a very hard decision, it was time for the moment of truth.

The morning of day 2 you could see that everyone was tired from day 1 but were surprisingly stoked for another day of shredding. All the campers headed straight to the So-Gnar park after a warm up run because they couldn’t get enough of it the day before. Now being very familiar to the setup, campers focused more on learning bigger tricks and throwing in some style. The day wasn’t even half over and campers were progressing at an incredible rate. Around noon the campers went in for another Evol Burrito lunch that was much needed to gain energy for the traditional progression session. After lunch the campers had another hour or so to do whatever they’d like before the progression session started. At around 1p.m, the progression session started and let me tell you campers really did progress. Kids just started throwing down hammers left and right out of nowhere! Some of these were even first or second try! Every camper had a smile on his face and were loving the media attention. Although the progression session ended at 3, it was difficult to get campers inside because too much fun was being had. We finally gathered the campers inside and spent a couple minutes figuring out awards for all of the kids. Anxiously awaiting, the campers were stoked to see Pat, Aaron, and Austin walk inside with the list of awards. Every camper got an award as a gift for joining camp thanks to all of our awesome sponsors. We hope every camper had as much fun this year as we all did. You all made the Buck HIll stop such an amazing time and memories were made!

Coaches for stop 2 at Buck HIll included: Pat Milbery, Aaron Ezman, Austin Ezman, Jonas Michilot, Jordan Michilot, Josh Tranby, Louie Arrigoni, Alex Miller, Casey Rodriguez and Joe Mertes.