Not Just Another Dirksen Derby Video


Apparently people rode the park during Dirksen Derby weekend. So if you’re sick of watching people turn, then skip the first 30 seconds of this latest Bachy edit from Cameron Fair.

  • advanced healing bandaid

    straight shittin titties…no toilet necessary

  • Sup main

    Who does Jonah Owen ride for?

  • drop that shit one mo gain mayne

  • yoshi

    2050: year of the trippy niggas

  • everything sucks.

  • Orie

    I wanted an Andrew Nagel Cameo

  • Samps can take a real manly mans slam and still drop hammers

  • BIF

    I liked all the slow mo zeaches

  • Zeachin

    yeahhh shit, ^ dude speaks the truth. Jonahs and Pauls Riding was real weak and zeachy. Jonahs to hesh, should probably switch back to genx attire.

  • karnkarn

    Jonah looks good.

  • Holy balls

    Taste the scorp!

  • ble

    ^^^ twas indeed one harsh scorpion

  • Beetle Juice

    1:45 Harshest scorp ever
    give that dude some of those Beers

  • FuckThePolice

    What’s with the gayass slowmo? For a second i thought i was watching a skivid.

  • FuckThePolice

    and what’s with the justin kid copying the bhappy faggots? seriously, a cartwheel? ones to many as it is.

  • haters

    whats with all the hate? Jonah owen Kills it
    and how’s bhappy faggots?