Win: Zac Marben’s Custom Arnette Goggles


As an artistic type, Zac Marben draws on lots of things, including this pair of Arnette Series 3 goggles. Now this one-of-kind piece of Marben art could be yours. To enter all you have to do is find the answer to the following question and EMAIL it to [email protected].

In which video will you find Zac’s most recent video part?
The answer is: Shoot the Moon

The winner is: David Newbrough of Sheridan, WY


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  1. bryyantt
    bryyantt says:

    Yeah, the team is pretty good and I’d really like to get behind anything Robbie Sell is involved with. But, yes, Arnette’s are so damn gaudy.

  2. Robert Harold Sell III
    Robert Harold Sell III says:

    You’re all probably Americans, so you’re entitled to your opinions…

    Yeah, we’ve all heard your comments on the product, but promise the new shit is what you’ll like. Just chill for a minute and it’ll be worth it.
    Zac scribbled on these goggles with a Sharpie for 5 min just for fun, so don’t assume he really put any artistic efforts into this. Anybody commenting on his riding should attempt to put out a video-part in comparison to his, and then let’s talk. Shit, if you do well, maybe I’ll give you a contract?

  3. fucking
    fucking says:

    I had no Idea candygrind made googles. Toy hipster artfuck on a snowboard on riding on MySpace. total hoser… as far as art goes, marben sucks, snowboarding he slays. quit art bats zac

  4. dankshop
    dankshop says:

    Your really not selling me here. if he didn’t put any time into it, then he obviously didn’t care much…so why should I?

  5. matt
    matt says:

    god damn all you kids are such pussies.
    They are giving away FREE goggles, you don’t have to enter.
    Zac is also a boss with amazing aggressive style. Watch Never Felt Better by Autumn Line and tell me his art sucks.
    I really hate all you yobeat hipster dicks.

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