The 2011 Dirksen Derby Recap and Photos


Snowboard events as a whole have no soul. They’re nothing more than a chance for advertisers to show you their logos and the chosen few to cash in. But the Dirksen Derby is very, very different. It’s not just the obvious cliches that set it apart — a mellow scene with good friends — but at the heart of it, it’s all about raising money for a good cause. In case you missed the story yesterday or any of the previous years, Dirksen Derby exists as a fundraiser for Tyler Eklund, who was paralyzed from the neck down in a snowboard accident. Handing over your $25 entry fee makes you feel warm inside. At least it should, the event earned $18,000 for Tyler this year.

Dirksen and the fools who volunteered to splitboard.

Another big difference is that even though there were over 300 competitors, it’s still a fun family-style event that anyone can enter. But enough sappy stuff. You probably wanna know who’s ending up with stupid hair-dos (Griffin Seibert and Jake Price, although the latter is claiming that was a splitboard thing) and whether or not Curtis Ciszek’s little brother beat him (nope Curtis got the fastest time of the day). At least, that’s what I care about. But before we get to the actual results, I will now walk around the bar and ask the people who are sitting here for quotes.

Lots and lots of friends. It’s the whole damn birdhouse gang.

My goal was to make it to the bottom and not die. This contest is sweet, it’s different and it’s fun cause it doesn’t seem super competitive but is competitive with your friends. — Johnny Brady.

My hangover actually helped me to not feel nervous cause I actually felt sick. My goal was to not fall, which I accomplished, but I think I was going comically slow through the course. But I looked really good. — Darrah Reid

I hate your website so much. Hopefully I won, but lets be honest, I know I didn’t win. My last two runs weren’t that impressive, I blame it on Ben Lynch. We had a personal bet going that I was gonna beat him, and he was going to beat me. He tried to sabotage me. — Nick Dirks

Best. Contest. ever. — Ami Voutilainen

FUN. Just the overall vibe, it has Josh’s influence written all over it. we all respect him and his ideas so much it’s natural for us to wanna be here. — Dustin Anderson

I’d rather lose to anyone else. — Austin Smith on second place behind Curtis.

That was pretty deep, so let’s get to those results.

Derby Elites
1. Curtis Ciszek
2. Austin Smith
3. Scotty Wittlake
4. Logan Beaulieu
5. Jake Price
6. Adam Haynes
7. Bryan Fox
8. Brandon Luzier
9. Jason MCallister
10. Allister Schultz
11. Travis Yamada
12. Ryland Bell
13. Andy Tullis

Men 14-49
1. Knut Eliasson
2. Blair Habenitch
3. Dustin Anderson

1. Ryland Bell
2. Adam Haynes
3. Ralph Backstrom

1. Maria Debari
2. Macy Price
3. Kelly Underwood/ Desiree Melancon

1. Van Allen
2. Rayan Bailey
3. Peter Christensen

Sit Ski
1. Ravi Drugan
2. Austin Sanders
3. Melisa Sween

Older and Wiser

1. Gerry Lopez
2. Reuben Valdivia
3 Terry Luzier

Full Results:

Check the full gallery by clicking on the thumbnails to expand and scroll through. (if it’s being weird, it just needs to load all the way)

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  • “I hate your website so much.”

  • “Cory Grove just liked a few of my photos on Instagram! That’s how I know that I’ve made it.” – Brooke