State of Shred: Southern Idaho


One Giant Spud
Words by Corey McDonald
When most folks think about the snowboard scene in Idaho they think of a scene that might be close to another states close proximity scene like North Idaho with E. Wa and Grand Targhee being next to Jackson Hole. The part of Idaho they don’t think about is Southern Idaho and that’s ok with most shreds that choose this place as home. Other than the occasional mention of Sun Valley (that is now getting more frequent with the big Ski Corp backed company going all out on parks there.) This part of the shred world tends to get over looked.  But with a solid foot in the shred world producing legends Like Jeff Tulloch, Nick Perata, Justin Mooney, Matt Whitlock, Greg Goulet and Wyatt Caldwell there is a reason strong hard working shreds like Parker Duke, AJ Ogden and Martin Campbell are still coming strong out of Southern Idaho.

Best Park: Sun Valley (dollar Mountain)

Best Powder: Brundage Mountain

Best Pipe: Sun Valley*

Best Run: 
Pine Creek Park Bogus basin

Best Shop: PRESTIGE**

Night Snowboarding: Bogus Basin

Best Drive: L.S.H  Just a few minutes from Downtown Mcall

Best side Country access: Tamarack

Best Vibes: Tie- Brundage Mountain/Tamarack

Worst Vibes: Bogus Basin

Best place to ride the actual mountain: Brundage Mountain

Best Contest: Carson Ianson ¼ pipe Classic

Best Nightlife: Bogus Basin (its 16 miles from Boise)

Best Bloody: Tamarack, Seven Devils

Best Lodging: Mcall, Brundage Mountain Inn

*With Tamarack no longer building the Hells Canyon pipe SV has the only pipe.

** This is a skate shop NOT a snowboard shop


Photo: Shelby White
Where even the name is Bogus! This resort is the “Big City” resort being located only 16 miles from the state capital of Boise. With that being said the place still feels pretty mom and pop unless you come on the weekends when the place is packed beyond belief due to the amazingly low season pass sale price of $200. During the week this place is pretty empty and always a good time. When it snows Pine Creek chair six is the place to be with some of the most unique and fun terrain in the region. With the replacement of a High speed quad to the popular Superior chair number 3 this summer the backside of Bogus just go that much better. Unfortunately Bogus has long not been a big supporter of a terrain park dept. Luckily there has been a pretty dedicated park staff willing to hand build some pretty fun features for the masses

GHOSTLAND FULL MOVIE from Derek Weimer on Vimeo.


North of Boise 2.5 hours is the town of Mcall a place unchanged in many, many years. Mcall is a true mountain person town and Brundage is the town’s mountain person resort. With only a 1800 vertical drop the mountain feels much bigger being spread out over multiple zones and  300-350 inches (762—889 cm) of annual snowfall  makes the place feel vast with sick lines. In addition to the wide open resort they offer guided Cat trips over 19,000 acres of incredible terrain for $239 a person. Hands down the best snow in Idaho! Best snow and lots of it also lets the resort stay open past mothers day.

Tales from the Lift. Episode 1. from Derek Weimer on Vimeo.


Yes Tamarack is open! Although not the behemoth that is was projected to be when it started with top to bottom parks and Grand prix snowboard events with Hotels jumping up everywhere. It seemed they started sprinting before learning to walk and when dealing with banks that’s not good so they had to close down and wait for a buyer…that never came. They did reopen being run by the Homeowners assoc. and what Tamarack is now is what it should have started out as. That being a small resort that can build its way up. Although it really hurts not having the Wildwood chair the resort still has access to great terrain and even better backcountry. Now only open Thursday to Sunday this is the perfect 2 hour weekend road trip from Boise.

Tamarack opening day. from Derek Weimer on Vimeo.


Really a scene all its own in Idaho is Sun Valley. Long known as a old person and celebrity ski resort Sun Valley management has made a change for the better with a push towards world class Terrain parks and pipes. Most evident in the late season Forum and other shred company team video shoots showing up in mega shred movies over the last few seasons. Definitely a drag that the park and now pipe are on different mountains across town from Baldy but the shreds of the Wood river valley finally have a park and it’s a good one! The one thing they always have had there is the after shred good times! Apples after a day riding Baldy cant be beat! Make sure you go by the Board Bin in Ketchum when you are up there. Jim and the crew have been holding it down for the SV shreds since 1988!

Tales From the Lift ep. 2. Dollar mountain. from Derek Weimer on Vimeo.


The Smith Compound

Cory Smith has been keeping the Sun Valley area relevant to the mega shred scene for years almost on his own. Not to say the KSA and other local shreds weren’t doing their part but Cory was inviting the industry in and showing them the goods. The legendary shots in the Robot Food movies from the Smiley creek and Vienna mine zones are something of dream for most shreds. Well now with the Smith compound all you have to do is get on the team and you might get invited up to these spots and not have to lift a shovel! That’s right Prinoth cats build the jumps now. Pretty amazing really, so get your sponsor me tapes in to Nate Farrell and go check out the awesome Prospecting Idaho series Mark Oliver has been putting together from up there. Last season looked amazing and with the addition of the new yurt and bunks this year is looking to be all time!

Season 2 Prospecting Idaho snowboard teaser from smith optics on Vimeo.

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