Elm Creek/Spirit Mountain Openers


You guys keep accusing us of posting edits that are “embarrassing” to the Midwest. We think you’ll like these ones though. First up The Rental Shop goes to Elm Creek.

Riders: Jesse Paul, Devin Morris, Justin Theroux, Max Ronning, Billy Bottoms, and Joey Kreye

Edit: Luke Thompson

And now watch Make Friends at Spirit Mountain.

  • Yeah buddy


  • poop dung poops

    elm creek down rail was hard to watch for over 2 minutes..

  • MM

    Boody for president

  • Boody

    So glad I finally got away from that lumberjack job

  • yes

    2nd edit was unnecessary

  • Bob

    whats the song in the second edit?

  • make>rental shop

  • 218

    Watch out, stephen will take your light bulbs

  • We need 11 light bulbs to get our house back in shape. Any parties this weekend??

  • Willie James Huff


  • you guys can come over to max’s house tonight 😉