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The Art of Flight – official movie trailer from AJANAKU on Vimeo.

By now it’s not news that The Art of Flight is a pretty unique piece of digital media. It’s playing on the screens at Best Buy. It’s been on late night TV. Honestly, the nerds at work won’t stop replaying it. But, if you haven’t seen it you should know it totally sucks a bunch of gas up. Seriously, two helicopters, planes, snowmobiles and whatever else. I mean jesus, for a bunch of dudes who enjoy nature they sure don’t embrace an eco lifestyle, but we’ll get to that later.

Anyway, here’s a quick rundown of what happened during this epic:

Avalanches: Lost count somewhere around a dozen.

Times almost everyone died: Like eight, seriously, maybe even ten.

I said, “Holy fuck.” so many times I actually started keeping count. That number happens to be 13.

Fist Pumps in the movie: One, I expected it to be higher…

Behind The Scenes With “The Art of Flight” from Aspen/Snowmass on Vimeo.

Now, about the movie. This is the best helicopter flick ever. Seriously, helicopter tricks were blasting off right and left. Helicopters were filming helicopters while helicopters filmed planes that were filming helicopters. They were dive bombing, they were doing perch-on-the-death-mountain things. They saved these snowboard guys’ lives like a dozen times. Oh right, this is a snowboarding movie.

So, about the snowboarding part. It was tucked between copious slow-mo stuff, helicopters, weather shots, mountain shots, shotgun blasts, boats, totally droned out Travis Rice mind fuck monologue stuff and Curt Morgan crediting himself over and over. But, there was a couple of tripple corks for you banger lovers. There was backcountry like no one has ever seen before for you snowboarding lovers. There was jumps and powder for you trick porn enthusiasts. There was lots of big time names for you name dropping bitches. And, last but not least, there were no rails, so if that’s all you like this movie isn’t for you.

As a last note, the Go Pro footage alone is enough to convince anyone to buy this movie. Seriously, snowboard world, this is straight hardcore porno. Mainstream world, this is your slow-mo, BBC Earth, XXXtreme dosage you’ve been waiting for.

Buy here now, or be the loser who didn’t pick it up.

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    only people that dont snowboard love this movie, shit is boring as fuck. it took me 3 separate attempts to sit through this hour and a half redbull commercial

  2. boardjumpz
    boardjumpz says:

    Personally I liked it, but I hated how they (twice) showed takeoff clips from one angle and then a landing shot that clearly wasn’t the same trick.
    Just because the movie is that big doesn’t mean you can cheat.

  3. Tim
    Tim says:

    There is only 23 min of snowboard footage in an 80 min film. I timed it. So difficult to sit through. I will not be watching it again.

  4. Timwindells'ballsack
    Timwindells'ballsack says:

    This i Yobeat nig, get your high flying energy drink piss bullshit hellicopter out of here and show me some midwestern zeaches

  5. jahMan
    jahMan says:

    Copin Peter Line’s style about helicopter movies now huh? Where did I see this again….snowboard magazine maybe?

  6. grant stalewater
    grant stalewater says:

    I guess they should of put some “super-tight” homie nose pressing an SLC rail in order for this to be popular with the yobeat crowd. There’s too much “real snowboarding” in A.O.F. for all the underground hipster kids to think its cool. They should of made is shittier and added some cig n’ 40’s shots and a bunch of B-reel footy.

  7. Moritz
    Moritz says:

    i totally agree to grant stalewater.
    seriously nick, your such a dumb ass! its fun for me, to see all the “core” guys hatin! i never expected something different from yobeat crowd than super core jibbing VG Style. Probably its even too mainstream to film with a dsrl instead of a back in the days skateboard video cam. The only Slowmo you accept is a ramped one. Movies without fisheye are totaly out of the question!

    I dont get the point how you can be in the snowboard industry ( even with such a popular page ) and can be so ignorant to that, what travis did for the sport. I totaly agree that TAOF isnt a normal snowboard movie, no question. I think also all of the Crew know that you dont need a helicotper to film a helicopter which films a small plane. Its just look good. You can see it how you want, but you can´t deny that there are some breathtaking snowboarding/ nature shots in there which made some further steps in cinematography and snowboarding. Yeah I know every kind of stepping things up, doing crazy gaps triple corks and some of the craziest freeride runs ever, is super gay, its not core enough for you bawzes , its GAY! I know that you just wanna to see these tight pants dudes do some fs blunt to fakie in the streets with one tele zoom in zoom out shot + 2angle fisheye shot. put some bob dylan music under it and its DONE!
    thats enough for you fucking introvert faggots and youre happy.
    So stay on Yobeat, ride with your homes and bros, get some weed, ride your 47 boards and hopefully your footy is crappy enough to make an shitty edit!

  8. biff
    biff says:

    my girlfriend really really liked it… so, yeah, I ejected that shit and put Escramble back into the DVD player

  9. Curt Morgan
    Curt Morgan says:

    Thanks for everyone’s review of our film. Opinions aside, it was a fun movie to make and we hope to make another one. For better or worse, at the end of the day we all love this thing we call snowboarding. Tight pants on rails or 3 feet of blower its all good stuff. Enjoy! CM

  10. shredface
    shredface says:

    @boardjumpz i’m not saying they didnt cheat, but i dont think that is sufficient evidence. it just looks a super conspiracy theory shit that doesn’t add up.

    this movie is great, if you watch it once. but its a chore to rewatch and skip everything in order to get to the goods. the riding is so good though its worth it. there does need to be a reedit that is just riding, like a snowboard movie made for snowboarders not for the masses.

  11. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    i’ve already given my 2 cents on this documentary with alittle bit of snowboarding. Pretty shitty when a “new” thing to snowboarding is just copying what skiers have been doing for like 40 years…Warren Miller.

  12. JB
    JB says:

    Im a hipster if people think its cool i hate it. Ha ahah ahahah maybe ill go jib a foot log with a 12 inch stance. I might even go to an indian reservation and buy some tinsel to put in my hair . hhahaha fags

  13. rz
    rz says:

    if every movie was the same this sport would be boring for everyone.. im stoked on AOF, it’s not something i can sit through more than a couple times but stoked to have an alternative to watching the shitty backcountry riding in VG.. also if AOF is too long you can turn it off after John’s crail in alaska in the opening segment. best shot in the movie

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