Loot, Son!


One weekend of debauchery and acting hard with the Jambox Shred Gear crew and friends. Or should we call them homeboys?

Riders: Vik Simco, Mark Wilson, Brian Wilson, Hunter Gulan, Jackson Brown, James Olson, Andy Latterner, Tony Marchetti & more

Filmers: Hunter Gulan, Cody Paulson, & more

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  1. comment
    comment says:

    bad music, lame obstacles and not really impressive riding. well it looks like the party was pretty good.

  2. brazzers
    brazzers says:

    You seem to be putting the rejected edits into the features section. It is understandable because of how busy you are, which is why you should hire me. I offer incredible organizational skills and also bring full penetration to the table for yobeat.
    Yours Truly,
    Mr. Brazzers

  3. jake
    jake says:

    did you see anything else set up? whats wrong with having fun on whats set up? The video was dope, damage is dope, and thats whats up.

  4. brazzers is homo.
    brazzers is homo. says:

    THIS EDIT IS SWEET. These dudes are having fun on what little snow MN has at the moment. you “mr.brazzers” may fuck off.

    and thats exactly what i like to see in a snowboard edit.

  5. Toots
    Toots says:

    These guys went up there not knowing what lutsen was gonna have set up. I thought they made the best of what they had available.

  6. the sandman
    the sandman says:


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