Ride With Us: Season 2: Episode 2


Wonder if Tim Pogue and crew truly grasped all the fun plays on words that would be possible when naming the company “Ride.” Brilliant really. Anyway, season two of the Ride propaganda series “Ride with Us” is underway, and our friends at YWKII media are in charge, so click that play button and take a ride.

So we got a little impatient waiting for snow in Washington so decided to road trip down to Mammoth Mountain for opening day. On our way down we thought it would be fun to take a pit stop and ride Boreal for a few days to get some early season shots, while working out all the kinks before Mammoth opening day. After riding Boreal for 2 full days, we headed to Mammoth to meet up with Ride regional rider Chuck Evans. We rode three great days at Mammoth and got to party with Chuck for the opening day festival. As soon as we woke up the next morning we headed north to Portland to meet up with Brian Fox and pick up Hironaka’s first snowmobile. Once we got Hiro’s sled, we drove up to Mt. Baker for a super deep opening day.

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