Just Drink Water!

There are so many practical uses for and fun facts about water. We’ve all heard them; the Earth is over 70 percent water, so is the human body. If you drink too much too fast it is possible to become intoxicated, and the US government even sometimes uses it to kill people. Although drinking water is not technically an involuntary control, like breathing, we all drink it everyday without putting too much thought into it. We need it to survive, so we drink it. When presented with an option, many of us choose to wet our whistles with a less healthy choice- just another example of something we don’t put much thought into. Good news everyone- Austin Smith is here to remind us to Drink Water! It’s a heck of a lot better for you than the alternatives. Personally, I am devoted to the highest standard of health consciousness, that’s why I make sure to always order water with my whiskeys. I suggest you do the same.

What is Drink Water?

It’s a reaction to the [current] direction of action sports and snowboarding. Right now energy drinks are taking over the world and especially taking over the pastime of snowboarding. More than anything else, I don’t like what’s they’re selling. We’re reminding people of their alternative.

Stickers and buttons, now available!

Who is involved?

Bryan Fox and myself got it started, but since then it has grown. Everyone that has worn the sweatshirts, asked for stickers or just talked about it is involved in spreading the Drink Water word. Big thanks to our team bros, check them out on our site.

What is your message to the people?

Our message is don’t believe the hype; just drink water.

Why should people drink water?

If you don’t you will die.

One day, all that snow will be water, and then those dogs can drink it! Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

Are you saying that if a person drinks energy drinks that they will die?

I am saying you need water to live as much as you need air. Are energy drinks good for you? No. Will you die? Maybe if you drink a dozen 4 Loko’s. We live in a fortunate place where we have clean water all around us so we might as well take advantage of it.

If that is true, could you please explain how Austin Hironaka is still breathing? He only drinks soda, no water; I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

Because he is an Austin, enough said.

Austin was able to perform this nose press sans energy drink. True story! Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

Why start Drink Water and take a public stand against energy drinks?

Once I realized I was never going to snowboard for any energy drink company, no matter how much money they offered me, I wanted to respond in a positive way. Instead of doing nothing, I wanted to turn it around. It needed to be done.

Does Drink Water make anything other than hoodies and t-shirts?

We started off with writing Drink Water on our snowboards, then our buddy Tonino gave us a screen printer so we made t-shirts and sweatshirts. Now we have added jackets, stickers and buttons to the mix, and whatever seems fitting to spread the Drink Water message. Water bottles seem to make sense.

Will Drink Water expand to a bottled water company?

No, definitely not.

Why not?

I do not agree with the way the bottled water business works, they use more water to make the plastic bottle than it takes to fill it, and it just ends up on the side of the road or in the ocean. We don’t sell [water], we just drink it.

This moment made possible by frozen water. Photo: Mark Welsh/Nitro Snowboards

The FDA is coming out with some pretty scary long-term health risks associated with energy drink consumption including strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. What’s the big deal with a couple of side effects?

Diabetes and obesity [are side effects] as well. The scary thing is we don’t know what the long-term effects are yet. Kids that are pounding them down are going to figure that out the hard way. Pretty soon I’m sure [energy drinks] will be illegal like cigarettes are now. There was a time when they didn’t know what was bad about cigarettes and now you look back and think how crazy it was that they were selling that stuff to kids. I think it’s going to be a similar situation.

Do you smoke cigarettes?


How do you feel about snowboarders smoking cigarettes in their video parts or companies that put cigarettes in their ad campaigns?

Do whatever you want. There is a big difference between smoking cigarettes or drinking beer in a video and signing a contract to promote a product you may or may not use. I think a lot of people forget that when you endorse these companies, yes it’s just a sticker on your head and yes you get a shit ton of money for it, but you’re saying this is what you’re into and what you’re down for.

If you don’t drink Redbull, how do you get your wings?

We need a good catch phrase, this is true. I need to think about this. I have no witty comebacks for you.

We imagine this is the face Austin was making through this portion of the interview. Photo Mark Welsh

Where is the best tasting water in the world?

Bend, Oregon. Next question.

Where is the worst tasting water?

Mozy’s in Encinitas, CA. Great food, crappy water.

How do you feel about colored sugar-water?

It’s all unnecessary, and it could all go away. None of it is doing any good, besides making a few people rich.

What is your favorite thing to quench your thirst or go all day?

Water and wine.

Is it in you?

It’s in me.  Your body is over 60% water.



Drink Water wins!

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  1. sharkmaster
    sharkmaster says:

    Absolutely necessary, we need to show people and kids especially that you don’t have to drink energy drinks every day to snowboard or be cool. If you really need caffeine, drink a coffee.

  2. mt intern
    mt intern says:

    way to monazite nothing. although – whatafucking good idea. and the awareness aspect is on point. You oughtta put a water cost next to that 30$ price tag for those Tees though

  3. jason walton
    jason walton says:

    Good on ya Austin & Bryan. Appealing to the budget might be another effective tactic for your mission. An infographic that informs people about how much they spend in a year on that junk and showing some better things that amount could by them might be good.

  4. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    Red bull is water too. It just also has taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, B vitamins, sucrose, glucose, and the tears of unborn austrian babies.

  5. Party Boy
    Party Boy says:

    That’s a neat idea but who’s going to pay for you to travel the world, film movies, and fly around in a helicopter?

  6. mtretard
    mtretard says:

    stand against energy drinks but ride for nike? so you dont like kids drinking energy but you like making them do slave labor in asian sweat shops to build your boots and shoes?

  7. ShredBot
    ShredBot says:

    Hahahahhahah austin riding for Nike = [email protected]
    How about these guys worry not about energy drinks but how about using their platform for raisign awareness of the need to wear helmets? With the unfortunate death of A-Rob and KP’s brain injury–you think pro shreds like these could offer some leadership on the need for kids to protect themselves? Nah, they need to look cool and sport a new “tech” flannel.
    My favorite is Mikkel Bang—dude grew up with a helmet–now, he shows up to kicker contests and doesnt ride with one. So cool Mikkel. Does Burton pay you to no wear one?

  8. Matherly
    Matherly says:

    The level of negativity on here always amazes me. Austin and Bryan are trying to educate kids about being healthy and you shitbirds just want to hate on what kind of boots are on their feet. Where are your snowboard boots made? I doubt you even know. Did you sew them yourself? Better yet, what the fuck are you doing to spread a positive message to anyone? Snowboarding needs more people like Bryan and Austin who are not afraid to stand up for something positive.

  9. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    ^^^ Really? I think people on here are not afraid to cry foul…

    “There is a big difference between smoking cigarettes or drinking beer in a video and signing a contract to promote a product you may or may not use. I think a lot of people forget that when you endorse these companies, yes it’s just a sticker on your head and yes you get a shit ton of money for it, but you’re saying this is what you’re into and what you’re down for.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the message. But telling people to “consume” more products (aka buy a tshirt) to be able to give back 10% of profits doesn’t sit well with me (just look how crooked the breast cancer promotional industry has become). And where are their products made?

    Also, guess what industry uses a S&!Tload of water to cover their mountains in white stuff?

  10. a
    a says:

    I may have to take him off my favorite snowboarder list already. He neglected to mention who he will take money from.
    I agree with the naysayers on this one: taking a stand against energy drinks while taking checks from Nike doesn’t flow.
    Talk to him again. I want to see what he has to say about his relationship with Nike. You put yourself out holier-than-thou like this, I gotta see some consistency.

  11. Uhh
    Uhh says:

    Cigs aren’t illegal duder, and Nike dumps all of its leather waste and dye into rivers all over china. Also, isnt bryan fox getting support from monster indirectly through vg? Sounds like a half baked idea, practice what you preach…

  12. chauncey chauhaus
    chauncey chauhaus says:

    The reality is that these companies are promoting chemicals and sugar to kids, and pawning it off as energy, recovery, or hydration. They should have no place in our industry. If you want to talk about apparel/gear companies and their production/waste practices, that’s a whole other topic. Which I defy you to find any that are 100% conscious and clean. No one’s perfect, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

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