Brighton Must Be The Place


Apparently, if you wanna be a semi cool boarder this year, you best be riding at Brighton. Hit that box, yo.

Featuring: Chris Cloud, Blaze Kotsenburg, Tucker Brown, Nick Sappio, Sean Whitaker, Andrew Aldridge, Rob Field, Oliver Dixon, Dom Luza, Alex Cato, and Jesse Gouveia.

  • connor

    just to get the inevitable out of the way. “recycled song”

  • weird guy

    connor brown is my hero

  • Loving it

  • Jacob Nelson

    Awesome work connor!
    J-Bone bringing the heat!

  • seamtits foster


  • Andrew

    Yeah Dom, fucking killin it

  • Chubgoon

    Brooke your so behind on the “happening” this video already has like a billion views.. come on….

  • not

    really original guys

  • Benjamin Maki

    Everything about this edit gets me hyped. Good work guys, killing it on the filming and editing Connor. Keep it up dudes

  • Schwoog

    fuck yeah dom been killing it lately

  • Schleg! likes Montana

    Jesse goddamn Gouveia…

  • YES!!!

  • karnkarn

    Milli tube beefyy

  • Poon slayer

    No need to look at porn now

  • Alex

    thats my capgun! not cool jeff

  • someone learned how to ramp, but it was cool

  • Bryden Bowley

    sooo sick fellas! this gets me so hyped haha

  • clarkgable

    im turning gay for jesse gouveia

  • Rod Dangerfield

    i wish every one had an hvx + super fish.

  • well…

    brighton copied the loon walride

  • squares

    jesse gets 2 parts and slo-mo? totally not fair for everyone else!!!!!!

  • Zoid

    Ah. May. Zing.

  • stoopdad

    holler atcha boy justin bieber! you dads kill it

  • advanced healing bandaid

    the seal of approval for a park is a skullcanday stencil in their features..

  • truth

    connor and jesse kiss each other


  • yoyougotfruit

    god damn

  • ramadan


  • Dylon

    even brooke finger banged her self to this stuff

  • the Tom Burt Tweak

    UH so with this whole grabs onto and off of rails phase, COULD YOU AT LEAST GRAB YOUR SNOWBOARD AND NOT JUST SLAP IT? Even when you slow mo the shot it doesn’t work.

  • ^

    Sorry Tom, but hating on bangers will not make you any better at snowboarding. Get over yourself and stop making rules. This edit was fucking sick Connor!


    Hello my name is Tom and i have a small penis

  • Megan Chaplin

    I hear Jesse and Connor accidentally landed in the gayest city in the US. “San Francisco”

    I made passionate love and drank premium coffee the morning after.

  • Dom Luza sucks, why don’t you speed up a little bit, your east coast garbage.


    click this link and LIKE their crew!

  • Logan

    This is the kinda vid I look for before I go ride.

  • Tevin get what Tevin want

    Megan you obviously know Jesse and Connor too well. They hand bang eachother on the daily

  • Skilmer

    Jesse gouveia has got some fire steez

  • tristan

    man I love this edit! so good! keep up the good work !

  • Not sure who is posting under my name but that video is way good, I have no beef with Dom; I hope who ever posted that trips into a ditch

  • scottie

    wishin’ i still lived in utah.


    nice music. connor who u tryin to be?

  • yoshi

    this reminds me so much of loonatics.. good fuckin shit. but its still not loonatics

  • Condor

    Hiking Brighton all day to make this edit is so fun…. Not!

  • upstatemike.

    4.9 out of 5 boners. very nice handiwork .

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Don’t you have to ride at Brighton to be a semi-cool boarder every year?

  • kyle

    Nick Sappio is the man!

  • how edits should be made. and brighton is just a laid back place full of a lot of nice people who love snowboarding

  • shaquille o’neil

    brighton vs loon peoples court!

  • nug

    da blizz be lettin dehm knowwww sahn… if you be hatin you can be suckin a pee pee because dis edit be da truff sahn! all you hataz be trippin blazed and need to lay off dat nug sahn becuase its screwin wit yo head. connor brown be a str8 balla and same wiff jesse and all dem utha homies dat be posted real real haaahd in dis proper ass edit sahn! DIS BE DUH MUH FUGGIN TRUFFFFF

  • fknbaker

    cooper thomas is a pole smoker. dom slays

  • fknbaker

    the non legitimate one i guess

  • fuckchaz

    i think im going to agree with tom on this one. this edit is sweet but stop wanna grabbing