Thanks Givin Festivities


An inside look at how the GBP boys celebrated Thanksgiving 2011 in Tahoe. I’m guessing this is pretty similar to how the pilgrims did it…

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  1. yep
    yep says:

    To those expecting a givin/gnarly edit and then were surprised by weed: Do you really think the gnarly guys don’t smoke like chimneys? Keegan has been hanging with Bozung for years now.
    Anyway GBP get wit it. The haters are gonna hate but these VT bros are living lives most of could only dream about.

  2. blumpkin
    blumpkin says:


    who doesnt burn nowadays? dont get me wrong these kids can ride, but noone wants to see a bunch of white kids from the country bumpkin green mountain state act like their fresh off dblock. JSLVTHUGLIFEBLOWTREESGETMONEY weve seen it in your last 18 edits…. we get it

  3. chadmo
    chadmo says:

    looked like a pretty fun thanksgiving to me

    you guys are hating on weed like smoking and snowboarding don’t go hand in hand together.

  4. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    these dudes kill it… you guys are fools if you don’t think tyler lynch is on the come up. dudes so consistent and has one of the best styles out there

  5. robbie
    robbie says:

    I was just watchin history channel and this is what the actual first thanksgiving was like, all that other bullshit is fake.

    DOOBERS says:

    ya’ll are not hood. not gangsters. G’s dont fucking snowboard. keep it real. you’re from fuckin VT kids. come to north philly or camden with that shit and see whats really good.

  7. clayton bigsby
    clayton bigsby says:

    doobers you’re an idiot. from what you just posted you sound like you think you’re a “g” from philly or Camden… if thats the case (which i highly doubt) why are you on a snowboard site? g’s don’t fucking snowboard, right?

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