Gingervitus: Arts and Crafts with DWD

Last week Jeff Keenan leaked some inside knowledge on the happenings of the under-the-radar snowboard brand, Dinosaurs Will Die. This week Jeff walks us through the steps of taking your doodles and drawings from a piece of paper to a t-shirt graphic, which happens to be the same way DWD made their shirts in the beginning. DWD makes unusual graphics; from the start they’ve coupled the product with raw and unique artwork from friends, and the DIY nature of the brand alone should make you want follow their lead. Whether you’re starting your own snowboard company and need the hoodie-hype, or looking for a fun arts and crafts project on a rainy afternoon, this is worth trying once or twice. Not to mention, Christmas is right around the corner and who doesn’t like a t-shirt with no logos and a cool graphic on it? Give it a try; your Mom and Dad love it when you make them stuff.

What supplies will we need to make our own t-shirts from home?

Ingredients for 10 t-shirts:
10 black tees
2 white tees
12 pack of Iron Transfers (buy from any art store)
Computer and printer
Sewing needle and thread or a sewing machine.

OK, break down the steps for a DIY aspiring t-shirt maker.

Step 1: Doodle, draw, write, and design whatever you want to be on the t-shirts onto a piece of blank paper.

Step 2: Scan the paper onto your computer, and re-size it to fit your t-shirt.

Step 3: Do a test print on a piece of scrap paper first, this will give you an idea of what your art is going to look like.

Step 4: Print onto the Iron Transfer.

Step 5: Cut out the Iron Transfer. For the best look, cut with a 1/4 inch border around the art (the bigger the border the shittier it looks).

Step 6: Iron your art onto the white tee shirt.

Step 7: Cut out a square, circle or whatever you want your patchwork to look like.

Step 8: Sew the patch onto the black tee, this can go anywhere you want, so play around and see what looks best to you.

Step 9: Sell the t-shirts to your friends and family and go buy some beers and whiskey to celebrate.

Hooray! You made a shirt. Now, in case you can’t draw or just want someone else to do the work for you, here are a few options from Dinos in downloadable form. (Click on the one you want to download the PDF)


Kyle Fischer

Leading the Dino


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  1. I_sexed_DWD
    I_sexed_DWD says:

    I got one of the iron on DWD tees but it’s ironed on a black shirt so you can’t read the logo.
    Great marketing… leave them wanting more.

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