Win: A New Outfit From Bonfire


Is your kit super beat? Are your friends embarrassed to shred with you both due to your appearance and/or odor? Well then, do we have the contest for you! Bonfire has agreed to giveaway a full outfit — including the Timberline jacket and Volt pant — to one lucky dude and one lucky chick and here’s what we want you to do. Send us a shot of your current gear. The most busted kits win. Simple.


(we didn’t get any entries from girls so it’s two dudes)

EJ Shaughnessy from Fitchburg, MA, who actually doesn’t own snowpants, so he sent us this picture of his boots. We’re sold. and..

Mark Pairitz from Lake Forest, IL, who is stuck in the 80s and ACTUALLY wears this. Congrats dudes and everyone else who entered, stay tuned, we’ll have more gear to giveaway soon!

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  1. Señora Hidalgo
    Señora Hidalgo says:

    Will I win if I send you a picture of the pair of this year’s Bonfire Volts that I told my parents to get me for christmas? I found it in their closet while looking for my dad’s rolling papers.

  2. James
    James says:

    All I’ve gotta’ say is, is that if I was that 2nd dude, I would’ve taken a can of spray paint to that thing, for real! :oO

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