Nike Chosen: Winter Edition


Starting NOW, Nike Snowboarding is giving every crew out there the chance to “live like a Nike Pro.” That means hot babes, sweet gear and tons of free travel. So submit your crew’s most legit and original edit for a chance to win a grip of Nike gear, cash money, and an invite to the Chosen Sessions in Austria! And for a little bit of extra incentive, will be featuring a Nike Chosen battle in the Peoples Court this December and January. Just do it, bro.

  • yeah

    Yeah NIKE!!! I love those basketballs

  • upstatemike.

    their basketballs are almost as great as their tennis skirts. they are really good for snowboarding in.

  • yes

    Dildos too.

  • Cats of Anarchy


  • footyfiend

    dont bother entering. FootyFIEND takin over FOOLS.

  • Mt. Hood fun

    damn we all wanna win. but my dicks the biggest!!!!

  • Deaf

    Why are they screaming?

  • fuckchaz

    to bad the contest is a joke. heav you read the rules? is that serous?

  • duh

    ^no. please elaborate