Lucas Huffman’s Five Ways to Leave Your Lover (Maybe)

Have you ever dreamt of being the executive producer, writer director, or creative collaborator of a film? Good news, you don’t need talent, just money! But seriously, former sweet shred Lucas Huffman is near completing a series of short films entitled “Five Ways to Leave Your Lover” and has a kickstarter campaign going to raise the rest of the funds. If you’re a sweet boarder making bank right now, you should give him some money, cause remember, someday you’ll have to think about the future too! Or just watch this and enjoy it.

FIVE WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER, #3 CHINATOWN from Lukas Huffman on Vimeo.

This is Lukas Huffman, the writer and director of FIVE WAYS TO LEAVE YOUR LOVER reaching out. I’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the last vignette in the series I have been working on for the past four years!

FIVE WAYS is a collection of five short movies beautifully shot on 16mm film. (You don’t hear that any more.) Each vignette features a different age couple, in a different city, all grappling with the same emotional moment: romantic disconnect. The entire film spans seven generations, three languages, and two countries to provide a universal story, which calls upon cultural nuances to create the drama. The film will be completed in January of 2012 and then shown on the 2012 international film festival circuit.

Donate at Kickstarter via King Snow

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