During Hours at Mammoth


Ian Post’s new crew is called After Hours, but we feel like if we were to say “after hours at Mammoth” you wouldn’t expect any snowboarding, and that’s mostly what this video is. Semantics.

Boarding: Yale Cousino, Charles Reid, John Murphy & friends


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  1. AntarcticanJournal
    AntarcticanJournal says:

    “Mammoth? yea i know that place! Used to be the home mountain of John Jackson……wait, WHAT?! JohnJ isnt with Forum anymore??….BURTON?!?!……Wat the fuck!..theres no way such a badass would go to the fagside……what has this sport become!!!!!”

  2. Poofacekillah
    Poofacekillah says:

    @ AnarcticanJournal – Burton owns Forum. And how is Burton “fagside” .. shit is stupid how people hate so hard on Burton. Lib Tech is owned by Quicksilver, which is a publicly traded company, so why don’t you hate on them for being mainstream.. and also Burton’s team is full of “badasses”.. keegan, Deiss, Sollars, KP, Bang,, davis, o and a couple of guys named terje and muller and now JJ. I think I smell a gaper . maybe you stick to your other “sports”.

  3. AntarcticanJournal
    AntarcticanJournal says:

    dafuck?…everyone knows all that info u whipped out ur ass…and yes, of course there are amazing riders for burton…John just seemed like the base of the forum team..slightly depressing seeing him go from a company like forum to burton…im sure the cash is worth it though, obviously

  4. troll
    troll says:

    you know Burton probably moved John J to Burton after all the AoF press, like it matters forum’s team doesnt have any weak riders at all

  5. bob
    bob says:

    Random Person A: “I have a great idea, let’s film the trip from our house to the mtn and have it be like 1/4 of the video. We should fast forward it too.”

    Random Person B: “Awesome idea, you’re the man bro.”

    5 years later and every other video edit:::

    Random Person A: “why the fuck did i ever think of that idea, and you supported it.”

    Random Person B: “I know, now it sucks and it’s all I see. I should watch the video in reverse and kill everybody in that house. FML!!”

  6. hot toddy
    hot toddy says:

    antartican journal should a)suck a dick, b)find a better goddamn screen name… like something rad that references warm alcoholic beverages and c)realize that his comments have absolutely nothing to do with this video in which yale is a babe and murph’s hair is still epic. bonus: no one “whipped” anything out of their ass when they say forum is owned by burton – they are. you’re dumb.

  7. scottie g
    scottie g says:

    is yale actually not getting love from burton? the dude can obviously do whatever he wants on a board. why didn’t have have a full part of street shit in standing sideways. its not like he’s young and hasn’t paid his dues.

    someone answer these questions now.

  8. Bobby B
    Bobby B says:


    Orphan 1- I killed a man named bob today

    Orphan 2- Was he a gerb

    Orphan 1- He died crying like a bitch!

    Watch your back bobby the orphanage is coming!

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