Travis Rice’s Supernatural Paradigm Shift

If you managed to make it through the first half of the Internview with Travis Rice, maybe you’ve heard about his Supernatural contest already. But we’ll just assume you didn’t, so good news, Travis broke it all down for Espn (who actually does “snowboard journalism,” unlike us) and now we’re gonna reblog it like the bunch of hacks we are cause it sounds pretty damn crazy!

This is the start of a new movement. We’re going to try to change the paradigm of snowboarding. I truly believe that this type of event, spread around the world, can become the highest echelon of competitive snowboarding.

The contest holding period is Feb. 2-9. The contest itself is only one day, but, just like in surfing, we’ve got a window of time to run the event in the best weather. Everyone will get a day to really scope their line. No one can ride the course, but we will have a lot of measures in place for people to figure out the lines they want to ride. Will have full photo maps of the course blown up. They’ll be able to ride down both sides of the venue.

Personally, our money is on Shaun White. Read the full article here.

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  1. TRHtown
    TRHtown says:

    I just watched twe12ve. After Muller’s first shot in Constantinople, tears come to my eyes. After his third, I’ve orgasmed.

  2. Aren Sonne
    Aren Sonne says:

    You money is on Shaun White? Did you miss the part about how it’s not in a halfpipe? Shaun White is NOT real snowboarding!

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