The Airblaster Airgoggle Test (Plus a Chance to win!)

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Normally, we don’t feel the need to provide you with any actual incentive to win free stuff, but Airblaster sent us some Airgoggles to try out and we viewed it as an excellent opportunity to do some Intern hazing. Everyone knows goggles keep snow and rain off your face, but what about… other stuff? In true Yobeat-fashion, we enlisted Party Time Nate and decided to find out!

Now about that winning. We have three unspoiled pairs of Airgoggles to giveaway to you, the lucky Yobeat readership! The best part is you don’t have to get sprayed with Sriracha to get them. You just have to track down the answers to the following questions and then email us to win! Three winners will be selected at random on Black Friday, November 25, which will really cut down on the time you have to stand in line to buy them, right?

Where are Airblaster Goggles made? (Hint: This country has the best hi-tech manufacturing industries in the world.)


According to Facebook, what is the mission of Airblaster?

Bringing you the original fun product.

Name the four things you receive for FREE when you purchase a pair of Airblaster Goggles from the online store.

three movies, Family Portrait, The Airblaster Movie, and Thank You, Baby. And then you get some airshades.

And the winners are:

Ryan Parsons, Madison, WI
Jacob Dyste, Jackson, WY
Michael Filice, Martinez, CA

Thanks to everyone who entered! A new giveaway is coming up soon!

The giveaway is brought to you by the fine folks at Airblaster

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  1. Dunno
    Dunno says:

    I don’t know where the googles are made, but I do know in which US city this video was shot. Portland. Because that is the only US city in which a bunch of hipsters having their own egg-laying chickens wouldn’t be the focus of the video.

    Portland, OR: where urban agriculture and animal husbandry intersect with snowboarding.

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    how has no one addressed the large amounts of clutter and junk in this yard. how long has that weight lifting bench at :52 been sitting there un used collecting spiders?

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