Park City Has Free Doughnuts

p: Mimi Lopour

Park City is ready to get things rolling, and will have the Quicksilver and Lower 3 Kings lifts open for your shredding pleasure tomorrow. The park crew was also kind enough to set up about 20 features and build a decent early season jump so you can scare yourself the first day back. Whoever lands the first ride on 3 Kings at 9AM tomorrow will be given a limited “I Ride Park City First Chair 2011” t-shirt. I suggest busting out the tent and staking your spot out now. There will also be free doughnuts and drinks – a good enough reason to go anywhere. Have fun.

  • jeff

    Fuck park city

  • Womp

    ^ Fuck Park City’s women

  • i saw no such free donuts. very unhappy.

  • jerm, you had to go to the hidden spot. its a pretty obscure place, you’ve probably never heard of it.