The Midwest Does Colorado


You know what Colorado needs? More Midwesterners.

Riders: Paul Buck, Justin Henigin, Shane Hoschette, and Cole Linzmeyer.

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  1. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    In all seriousness, can someone explain the hate behind CG? I always see people hating on them but never understood why

  2. Pusha-T
    Pusha-T says:

    Andrew, the hate behind CG or more commonly known as Cock Gusslers is first of all they make lame ass products and their name is CANDY GRIND.

  3. summit
    summit says:

    ya that zeach at 1:15 was proper along with the nastyness at 2:24. Candygrind kids are too cool for their own good

  4. free burberry
    free burberry says:

    Factorslu spelled “retarded” wrong before using “your” instead of “you’re.” What a scholar.

  5. hillbillypooponyourmom,
    hillbillypooponyourmom, says:

    fuck the notation that everyone from colorado is a bro…everyone from the east is a fatty ice loving d-bag

  6. shit12532shitshit
    shit12532shitshit says:

    yeah who the fuck is that paul buck kid i thought he was really good and who cares if there from the midwest atleast there snowboarding i wish my town had snow 🙁

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