Mammoth’s Opening Weekend 2011 in Photos and Video

We were pretending we were going to make it to Mammoth last weekend for the grand opening celebration to end all grand opening celebrations. But it didn’t happen. Luckily, they sent us a bunch of pictures, which we’ve heard are worth 1000 words each. So enjoy 13,000 words, right now! All photos by Peter Morning.

Those nerds from Arbor would get up early enough to get first chair.

The Black Lips played

Frends and what not.

Air time was got.

Rails were slid. Frank Knab

There were clouds in the sky, but ya know, the pretty kind.

Go ducks!

None of these photos came with labels. But this appears to be Harrison Gordon, snowboarding.

Nothing like a nice Cosmo at the end of a fun day of boarding. Shayne Pospisil.

Jack Mitrani and John J congratulate each other for being rad.

Amazingly, there was even girls there!

Ra Ra Riot played too!

And the people got down!

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