Use Your Brain and Win a Board!

A young company of snowboarders and skiers with a fresh cocktail of staff from Ireland and Poland were dealt a massive blow last week when the Swiss international food giant destroyed their planned launch with a few simple letters.

With over two years in the planning, the company were creating a specific energy bar that would remain palatable and not freeze on the slopes. Snowboarding and skiing are energy demanding sports and the team wanted to create a product to maximize their time and pleasure on the slopes. The ingredients, the packaging, the manufacturing, the distribution took the shred bar boys many hard nights and their entire personal wealth.

Within weeks of launch the giant put their corporate might and industrial power behind a letter that threatened to end the boys’ dream. “To shred” is a skate/snowboard term that the Shred boys have adopted as the brand name for their product after a substantial existing market brand search. Little did they know their little bar would upset one of the largest corporations in the world.

The Shred bar was thought too close for comfort for the giant to their breakfast cereal and their team of lawyers fired their first warning blows to the new start up.

With out the funds to take on the might of the giant’s legal structure the Shred team are opening up to the community to which they wish to serve to rename their product. With only 2 weeks before the deadline, the opportunity to choose a brand name for the product will take place on Facebook and the winner will be chosen by public voting. The author of the winning brand name will be able to select their prize, either a snowboard – the White Bob from the maverick 77 Project Boarding Company or a pair of amazing ARV skis from the legendary Armada. Additionally, all 10 finalists will receive boxes of the bars as they leave production lines. Visit or to take part.

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