Justin Fronius WFTC FULL PART


What’s better than full movies? Full parts. Because they require a much shorter attention span. Jon Stark knows what’s up, so here’s Fronius’s Working for the City Part.

And if you’re not a FAN of WFTC yet, what the fuck are you waiting for?

  • kvlt

    his gun dirty, but his brick clean.

  • crazy how this is filmed in less then 2 months… Froni is a boss

  • RosaParks

    crap! gotta replay it….got distracted by the doubledog ad, opps

  • BarD

    wow, this guy’s sick.

  • dicksta

    his ridin dirty. his tricks clean

    homies droppin hammers

  • Cha Boy

    The Boss

  • Smurph

    HAVEN LOCAL! straight HAMMERS.

  • karnkarn

    Man that 5050 backlip is puurfect. So is that nose press opener. ahh 🙂

  • Cappitano

    that part was fucked

  • matt

    yerp. thats the shit right there

  • that was cool

  • matt

    tucker brown’s peoples court video was better than this!!

    JK! that shit was horrrible! now this is what’s up

  • connor


  • yoyougotfruit

    He is just nasty

  • good dude, jereme rogers intro??

  • Thirsty Convoy

    Pay me in bud muther fucker!

  • chip

    holy santa claus shit

  • Eric

    front nose 2 out was fuckin legit

  • moonshine

    my friend snaked this kid at wild


  • hes just really good. no two ways about it

  • farter

    jerm is a mark……….. backing froni and his girl and their baby since day one, hell yeah!

  • Monkey Drawer

    WAIT! Fronius has a baby????????

  • farter

    forsure, his girl hannah has got a bun in the oven.

  • da da da

    Justin Fronius unnecessary [but very necessary] gaps onto any rail

  • brodem

    justin does not have a a kid or a bun in the oven get real you farter stop eating your farts

  • T3D

    I smell like shaving cream

  • Crawdaddy

    I shaved t3d’s balls

  • farter

    i live with justin and i know for a fact hannah is his girl friend as well as the mother of a beautiful young child, benjamin. He has green eyes.