Lake Louise Opening Day


The Vision Theory was kind enough to take time out of their hot laps to film a few moves at the first open park in Canada. You’re welcome.

  • kvl†

    40ft booter mania

  • kvlt

    that cross doesn’t look as cool as i thought it would

  • 666

    typical black and white flocka stee, not bad though

  • mn

    i hate waka, gucci and anything that comes anywhere near there style of rap. there i said it. God damn!!



  • curaaaaig


  • ramadan

    Thought that huge box was a rail until the last shot.

  • nort boss

    boobeyes bitches

  • ab

    that shit sucked. jesus have some self respect.

  • Da Carp


  • GFunkAllstar

    Gangsta rap, and white suburban kids participating in an elitist activity, do not mix.

  • bricksquaaaad

    bow bow bow bow

  • adk_pete

    whats up with all them jeds in canada eh?

  • meh

    this edit is too typical. Get creative fools.