MFR Shred Remains FULL PART Re-Edit


Marie France Roi is one badass babe. Rome wanted to prove it to you, so they made Cavan reedit her Shred Remains part. Now watch it and feel slightly emasculated (or inspired if you you are also a babe.)

  • damn she’s good.. and makes it all look easy.

  • Tyler Morton

    shitty ass song

  • stickitinyourassrealslowlike


  • MM

    yeah, did they get that track from a 90’s MDP flick? terrible

  • From the 90s

    @MM classic shred tunes from a classic time. Never been used before either. Know your roots. (smashes soap box)

  • Crack den lurker

    Kimura is better, she’s aight though

  • bhanna

    I liked the song and her sweet style, also she’s a total qt pie.

    I rode some rails… I rode some.. POW!