Quite Addictive FULL MOVIE


While these swedes are good at editing and snowboarding, our favorite part of this movie may very well be the unique brand of English used in this description: “Time for our fourth movie, this time with more bangers and fun times then ever! Check it out and spread the addiction for snowboard!”

Made by: MÃ¥rten Daag & Jonas Frid

Riders: Markus Rehn, Mattias Rehn, Jocke Hammar, Joakim, Eriksson, Per Forslund, Nicklas Thirus, Jonte Nilsson, Jocke Hamrin, Philip Landmark, Hannes Karlsson, MÃ¥ns Hedberg, Jonas Frid, Tobias Larsson, Karl-Anton Svensson, Johan Karlsson

  • Crawdaddy

    This movie needs more ass kicking

  • brodem


  • brodem