A Preseason SLC Roadtrip


Some homies from Boise took a roadtrip to SLC to check out Odd Future (which we assume is some sort of cool hip hop band) and do some boarding. Though we enjoyed this edit, sort of, we’re not sure what to think. So, you decide:

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  1. Smoking
    Smoking says:

    Didn’t even watch the video. I can tell how gay it would have been because three dudes are circle-jerking in the video thumb nail.

  2. random kid
    random kid says:

    worst thing ever? yea, cause having early season fun and little jumping and going to concerts is sooo lame.
    do a tube edit next time (include that 18 in cab out that every other edit is missing)

  3. Schleg!
    Schleg! says:

    Always good to see a Window Movie Maker transition at the very beginning, saves me times deciding whether it’ll suck or not.

  4. just hatin' cuz this sucks.
    just hatin' cuz this sucks. says:

    These dudes should keep doing whatever they love and just keep having fun…
    my bowels have made better creations.

    why isnt this REJECTED!?

    btw 2:45 etc. is pretty rad falling action right?

    A trick tip vid would be much more productive. wut do i know?

  5. Drunk Dad
    Drunk Dad says:

    This was honestly the worst fucking edit ive ever seen. I bet you guys all love odd future because of how much your parents disaprove. Your so edgy. Eat a dick

  6. pownowkow
    pownowkow says:

    This video isn’t that bad all the people who left comment filled with negativity must be jealous. And odd future is tight.

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