YoBeat’s 2011 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is only a few days away, and chances are you’ve got a party to attend tomorrow night, which means, you better start thinking about what you’re going to be! Sure, you could be the same thing you are every year, but this year, why not take advantage of the snowboard gear you already purchased (or are going to) and get a little creative. You’ll be warm, dry, and with a few inexpensive props, there’s no shortage of possibilities. The Intern was kind enough to model to give you a few ideas!

The Bum

People already accuse you of dressing like a bum, so why not embrace it! Plus, booze is the perfect prop for this costume, making it the best party look, ever.

Complete this costume:

Spacecraft Scout Mask MSRP $35

Foursquare Frame Hoodie MSRP $74.95

-Bottle of Double Dog Dare in a bag, $2.98 at Plaid Pantry

The Army Man

Lucky for you, Army Green is IN this season. Match up your pants and jacket, add some toy guns from the dollar store and maybe some goggles and boots if you’re feeling really crazy and boom, you’re ready to enlist and kill some terrorists.

Complete this look:

Airblaster Grumpy Jack MSRP: $224.99

Nike Ruskin Pant MSRP $210

Toy guns, $1 each at the dollar store

The Bunny

This one will drive the ladies wild! Who doesn’t love a cute fuzzy bunny? Admitedly we cheated a little bit, using a bathrobe instead of snowboard gear, but any all-white outfit will do.

Complete this look:

Spacecraft Roadkill Mask MSRP: $35

-Dakine Eric Jackson Team Baron Mitt MSRP $85

-Hotel bathrobe

The Fly

While this may not be the most functional look we’ve shown you, if you have a Goggle sponsor, this might be your jam! It’s a fly, get it? For bonus points, rig up a stereo to play Misfits “Return of the Fly” all night.

Complete this look:

Yobeat Zip UP Hoodie MSRP $40

Airblaster Terryclava MSRP $19.99

Dragon D2 Goggles MSRP $99

Anon Comrade Goggles MSRP $134.99

Arnette Mercenary Goggle MSRP $89.95

The Clown

Hey! You’re fun, right? You like to be wild and zany! Then the clown is for you. It also helps if you fancy baggy, skittle-colored outwerwear, but even if you have kinda boring gear, with a little creativity, a few facemasks can really punch up your clown costume.

Complete this look:

Bonfire Blur Jacket (sinched and stuffed) MSRP $250

Pom Pom Necktubes and Bandanas MSRP $29.95

Special Blend Five Pocket Freedom Pant MSRP $199.95

Dollar store nose and glasses

The Aquaman

Actually, you could come up with something way more creative with an Airblaster Freedom suit. Garbage man, Astronaut, Mental Patient. But this was the best we could do. Sort of.

Complete this look:

Airblaster Freedom Suit MSRP $249.99

Coal Knit Clava MSRP $20

The Jack-o-lantern

Perhaps the most comfortable of all our looks is the jack-o-lantern. You’re literally ready for bed once party time is over. With the exception of the vinyl stuck on your face, we think this one is the real winner of the season!

Complete this look:

Poler Nap-Sack MSRP $130

Airblaster Terryclava MSRP $19.99

About $.04 worth of black Vinyl

Not into any of these? Well maybe check out the ideas we gave you last year too! Man, we’re helpful!

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