Firing Squad: Jay Cagney vs Rhys Logan

So, another week and no Zimmerman. He actually has a valid excuse this time, he got  hurt riding his mountain bike yesterday and is literally at the hospital as we type, so before you scroll down to vote, send some good vibes his way. Now, down to business. Since it’s almost Halloween we have a super spooky slasher battle for this week. Both photos involve lights, snow and turns, and it’s to you to decide which is better. Also, send more photos!

Photo 1 by Jay Cagney

Photo 2 by Rhys Logan

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This week’s winner will receive $50 to spend as they please at Snowboard Connection in Seattle, Bellevue or on

Think you can do this good or better? The Firing Squad is a weekly photo competition. When win a weekly battle, you will receive a gift certificate worth $50 good for anything at a select Burton dealer near you. Each month, the three winning photos will again do battle for a place in the Champions Gallery and a Burton Camera Pack! To enter your own photo in the Firing Squad, check out our submission guidelines. Happy shooting!


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  1. slevadon
    slevadon says:

    aw damn GOODNIGHT son! iss over! a technical knock out he hit im wit a pow here a pow there, IM TALKIN everywhere a powpow…so hold up im thinkin, this whitey ford 4 real? and den i was like, ha bro but fa rell dats sum sicksh*t bra jangles! that first shot had me singing “wooahh, mr. bro jangles!!” cause bro is holdin it down like WALL STREET you feel me son? Straight robbin n*ggaz Rhys the grease lightning yall be biting while he just enlightening…and yall jakes get raked, we steady dippin on dat CAKE. Ha-HA!, yall…anyways..peace to loon if you readin this n**ga!!! haha u aint readin dis i dont think!! oh yeah to REIDERATE let me jus say my peace…Fuhrell yall both took it out banged it hard but like one of you just straight murdered it photographiclly and yall know, game recognize game in dis world dats just how it is my dood, and well sh*t i no some hot sh*t when i see it. Rhys my piece pinched that funky load right on ya head wit no apologies because thats where it goes son, like right on yo fat head. As for the other photography dude, Son ima tell you right now ya need to put that fisher price camera sh*t away and just leave dude. go get forgivness or SOMETHIN, sh*t cause you straight committing a crime to da earf wit this silly chickensh*t snow picture. Rhys wins, game over playboy. DONE. PS Rhys if you ever rollin through hilltop 104, get at me dood fo real this aint no game. You makin mad wizardry wit dis camera and i gotta couple ideas for you, maybe improve on everything just a bit. might need to float on some startup cheese you know but dog, it pays for itself within one calendar year, im TELLIN YOU. why would i lie to you. but yo on a serious note here, somethin bout dat picture real resonated with my inside spirit you know or basically somthin exestentiall i think is the word, like it made me think about snowboarding on a whole different world, like suddenly you out on mars like BAM! and i know it sounds stupid but like i really felt like i was up chillin on some a those rings on mars way far away when i saw dat pic, n*gga.. . i really don know but when i saw it i just knew, like i knew somethin BIG 4 sho…anywys damn look at me, runnin my trap. haha shoot im out yall, and RHYS hit up my droid when you got a hot minute, i also got some musings on photogrphy that you might be interested to hear, like check this out you ever thought about what would happen if you put a camera inside a loaf of bread and you like, baked the loaf wit the thing recording, right? Then yo uget someone else to open the oven, you know like say “he Loon get the dam bread n*gga” all exasperated like you serious and then when that fatass reaches in the oven, BAM! ha HA! just like that YOU ON HIDDEN BREAD CAMERA and meanwhile Loons over there lookin like a pillsbury B*TCH on account of his fragile composure . so yee my n*gga anyways let him lose his shit all he wants cause once you got the footage you upload that sh*t to the internet, bada bing bada boom and tcha- just let the revenue use the front door LOL. So thats one idea-i got lots dog im on 24/7/360 like a cirlce baby cause you.know.and.i.know.dat.i.aint NEVER stoppin so lets team up on some real sh*t like yesterday ha ha!.fo realdo ima roll ova to your pad tomorrow in case you forget.

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