Win: Collector’s Edition Defenders of Awesome Kit


Another week means we have another kick ass prize to giveaway. Well, maybe we should say “awesome” prize because it truly is. One lucky winner will receive the kit pictured above including:

-A pair of Union x Capita Ultrafear Bindings

-Full length defenders of awesome DVD

-Behind the scenes photo booklet

-Metaphor logo keychain

-Magical Pixie Dust!

To enter:

Leave a comment on this point explaining how you plan to defend awesome this season. The comment with the most “likes” at 9 am on Friday, Oct. 28 will win. Be sure to use your REAL EMAIL address so we can contact you for your address and info when you win! Good luck.

With 625 likes, RON BURGANDY takes it! His real name is Bryan Guarda from Livermoore, CA. Congrats dude. Thanks to everyone for playing.

If you’d prefer to just purchase a pair, you can do so at your local CAPiTA deal or RIGHT HERE!

Sorry, this giveaway is open to residents of the US only.

This giveaway is brought to you by the fine folks at CAPiTA Snowboarding and Union Binding Company!



  • Zoid

    By keeping Brotank off of the mountain.

  • I plan to defend awesome by cat daddying my way down the slope

  • Felo Romero

    I will defend awesome by importing capita and union stuff here in Chile where we can’t defend it because of the shipping shit!, then I would form my Awesome Army to devour everything!

  • Jeff

    By shredding as much as I can with my bros.
    Oh, And Fuck Roobs!!!

  • Jack

    Keep burton out!

  • hater skater

    By riding like Walter White…if he snowboarded and used vast amounts of his product

  • Eliot Wilhelm

    I plan to defend awesome this season by shredding with my bros and having a good time no matter the conditions or location because in the end, all that matters is that we are snowboarding and having a good time! That’s that it’s all about!

  • Alexandre Desjardins

    I shall defend the awsome by throwing down the dirtiest zeach’s man has ever seen.

  • Zoid

    Scratch that, by keeping Jeff off the mountain.

  • Robert Walski

    I plan on defending awesome by reppin’ CAPiTA to the max in Burlington, WI, and alll over facebook as I already do! im gonna rep CAPiTA and Union all around burlington, wi and everywhere else I go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    CAPiTA <3

  • blahh

    by sitting behind the screen of my computer making snide comments on YOBEAT! and pointing out zeaches in every edit

  • brad

    These would go great with the Ultrafear I just bought..

  • Jeff

    Just show anyone these sickass bindings and they will run for miles!!!

  • KIP

    i plan to defend awesome by living the dream this winter by just working and shredding as much pow as i can.

  • Logan

    I will defend awesome by shredding with my bros and not being a dick to any goober kids. I will shred those until they die. Just like my other unions that just died. CAPiTA FOR LIFE!

  • Phil

    I just dropped $3K on a camera set-up to add more awesome (crappy) entries for the firing squad and people’s court battles, so a free pair of bindings would really help since my current ones are falling apart.

  • I’m not some rich kid who’s going to strap these on my 2012 board and never ride because it’s “too cold.” I have a Horrorscope that I bought last year and it’s the best board I’ve ever used. These bindings would look SICK on it. I’ve never owned unions but I’ve heard great things about them. Hot pink is my favorite color. If i win these I will rock them all season like its my job. We devour everything.

  • john

    i will defend the awesome by shredding the gnar as much as possible, and helping my friends master the awesome sport of snowboarding as well as all the little shredders in my local park

  • Nic

    By not zeaching.

  • Luke Schmitt

    by putting those ultrafear bindings on my ultrafear board and shredding the shit out of them everyday with all my homies no matter the what! and watching DOA and all the bonus features EVERYDAY. oh yeah ill also sprinkle the magic pixie dust and hidden gems all over my gear so i can ride like dan brisse!!

  • I’ll be defending awesome by creating an awesome snowboard club with the gnar bear mascot leading the charge. #UASC

  • squares

    by out-riding all the scenester fags and doing awesome maneuvers

  • Samuel

    I plan to defend awesome by spraying all gapers, slaying snow bunnies and letting everyone in the lift line know that I’m the chillest fuckin’ bro there is…(ha) But seriously these bindings are SWEET and I will shred harder than anyone ever has with them strapping me to my board. OLLY OLLY OXEN FREEE

  • norton

    slayin dragons

  • Matt Grasso

    I defend awesome by watchin scott stevens destroy anything with or without both feet strapped in

  • Phil W

    i will be defeding awesome by just hiting the streets in the east

  • pinkstarfruit

    by sexually harassing cougar women in liftlines

  • Andy McCutcheon

    I plan to defend awesome by showering groms with snowclouds the size of the chick that keeps messaging you on OkCupid by day and hot chocolate sipping lodge hussies with champagne by night. I will frequent majestic areas revered with unspeakable levels of mystique…schralping gnar so righteously it will leave assbags like that daddy’s boy from Johnny Tsunami soaking themselves in tears of envy. I didn’t claw my way to the top of the local shred scene to be vegetarian…catch me takin man-size bites outta anything that gets in the way of defending awesomeness on any level.


  • MF

    I will defend awesome by calling in sick every chance I get, and rocking my goggle tan like some sort of shred ninja.

  • tk

    no one is going to like other peoples comments cause they dont want anyone else to win

  • Boner Stabone

    Like this ish…so that I can win these bindings.


    Richard Milhouse Boner Stabone.


    Bode says JP Walker is a DICK4. Not JP Walker poster #1. But the real JP Walker.

  • Kareem Al-asmar

    I plan to defend awesome this winter by just having as many awesome days on the mountain as I can. Waiting through summer has made my one goal this season to ride as much as physically possible. These binding would definitely make that experience all the better. Either way I’m stoked winter is just around the corner! CAPITAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  • burnzkid

    I plan to defend the fuck out of that awesome this season, cuz I plan on going HAM on the hills of North Carolina, and showing some Carhartt-decked-out rednecks what awesome REALLY is. Those camo-clad motherfuckers won’t know what hit em, they’ll just be scared shitless as they see those fucked up bindings riding away from them. I’d watch the hell out of the movie, until the disc itself melted from the amount of awesomeness. I’d rock the shit out of that keychain, too. It’d look great next to my ’03 Dodge Neon keys and bottle opener.

    Plus, you know, I kinda need some new bindings, those would be nice.

  • Tanner

    By reppin these bindings as i slay my way past the dragons!

  • Wapowwww

    By making fun of USASA fools.

  • Dylan Sorber

    by snaking kids like Jed in this vid.

  • what is a snowboard?

  • yoyougotfruit


  • Tron

    I will defend awesome by watching vast amounts of Nicholas Cage movies.

  • Gonzo

    I’ll defend awesome by sprinkling that magical pixie dust all over the snowbunnies jocking my bindings. snowbunnies : “He must ride for Capita and Union…is that pixie dust? lets F*** him!!!”

  • cody

    I will defend awesome this year by shredding every day to the fullest with my friends and new friends to come. Getting wild at night govy style living the dream in the great Northwest.

  • Woody

    I plan to defend awesome by ripping pow at Jackson Hole with my buddy Charlie.

  • Matthew Knight

    By having fun with my bro’s on the mountain or backstreet jibbing

  • I will defend awesome every damn day this season and destroy the streets and massacre the mountain!

  • kyle

    i plan on riding my capita horrorscope mostly at loon nh and at any sick spot i see

  • luke


  • Down syndrome

    I’m gonna down vote the shit out of all your comments.

  • SP

    I plan to defend awesome by shreding this binding on my horrorscope

  • Winner

    Defending awesome by turning all these dislikes into likes to get those sweet ass bindings!

  • Bryant Davis

    I plan to defend awesome by pooping on the hood of the skiers car that split my edges with his ski last year and didnt pay to fix it.

  • Shaun Bon Jovi

    1. Apparently, I am going to defend the real awesome, not the other awesome, you might think is awesome but isn’t the real awesome.

    2. Instead of edges to kill those who are offenders of awesome I am going to use lasers. Okay, I can’t do that, but I guess I could hack at ’em with some power tools (the edges, not the people).

    3. I pledge to take no advice from Lindsay Jacobellis about defending awesome.

    4. I will not endorse professional level scooters.

    5. I will not leave a million dollar energy drink sponsor because they won’t pay me 4 million dollars a year, who sort of is responsible for me winning the olympics. I’m just saying I wouldn’t do that.

    6. i am not going to worry about, ‘when will the snow begin’?

    7. I am also not going to be in an arty movie that is about 40 pct. slow motion.

  • Jake raddon

    I going to defend awesome by keeping it real on the slopes and showing the younger generation of snowboarding how to have fun and set a good example. Going everyday and enjoying the best snow on earth here in SLC. this is how I am going to defend the awesomeness of snowboarding.

  • Kyle Murdoch

    I will be defending awesome by riding majestic, white, stallions shooting flaming arrows across the bridge of hemdale into the mist to protect awesome.

  • Blumpkin

    Im going to poop in my hand when Im on the chair lift and throw it at people. I guess I’ll have to be naked for this.

  • Randy Mathews

    I plan to defend awesome by becoming the super hero Falcontron. Falcontron is the result of a failed experiment by trying to mate a human with a falcon. Instead of the desired result of a falcon with a human head, it is a human, with falcon wings, and mythical powers that can turn the most saltiest of sea dogs, into the hottest of human females. This now changes the game, as me, falcontron, can now turn anyone into a beautiful little baby. therefore that sweet little sally you brought home from the bar last night, could actually have been a 300 pound wart infested telemarketer named ralph that was placed on the sexual predator list after he showed a picture of little “ralphy” to a 9 year old boy on chatroulette. So yea that’s how i’ll defend awesome

  • maxwell

    I plan to defend awesome by attempting to mount these bindings to a pair of skis and shredding with snowboard boots in snowboard bindings on a pair of AWESOME homemade skis…then probably give them to a friend in desperate need of new bindings!

  • Jake L.

    By dropping poop DOLLARS in all the skier boots. Ya hear. ReEEEEed

  • Aaron

    I will defend awesome by not commenting on yobeat’s posts or ranking other peoples comments because I will be too busy snowboarding.

  • Hate

    I’m going to defend awesome by snowboarding, and not using the word bro, and listening to cat daddy. You can’t defend awesome by “stacking Krabby Patties.”

  • Rick P. Johnson

    I will defend awesome like i usually do…that means banging out all the sluts on the hill and rocking no shirt so all the hoes can check out the rickmeister on the slopes. The bindings of awesomness will just enhance how good the rickster rides, and when I say ride i mean on all those bitches out there.

  • Michael Stoeger

    By coaching a high school snowboard team and making sure they have fun!

  • DA Carp

    I will defend awesome by throwing down some buttery ass zeaches on a four foot rail in my illest steez tech, while listening to the tastiest skrillex remix through my Beats by Dre

  • Adam

    by saving you from lame shit……..

  • c-bird

    By getting gnarly!

  • Matt Young

    I am going to be nigerian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin

    I will defend Awesome by buying 10,774 copies of “Defenders of Awesome”, and distributing them to everybody in my town. Once everybody is sufficiantly trained to defend Awesome, I will leave them to it, and shred at Big Boulder.

  • These would go great in my butt.

  • teh streetz

    By not wearing skinny jeans……. I’m talking to you Nick Lipton! Play on player’s!

  • roy roy

    by making the sickest park powder ridge, mn has ever seen and amping up all the young bucks to keep the shred alive

  • What are these for?

  • CP

    By wiping front to back

  • Kyle Murdoch

    can this please be canada too?? we love capita too 🙁

  • Keaton

    I will defend awesome by winning this.

  • JC

    I plan on defending awesome by using my awesome defensiveness skills to whack all that is whack with my awesome stick so that all that is unawesome will be awesome. I will shred on my awesome stick on Mount Awesome while wearing my Captain Awesome attire and hit the awesome jumps to gain some awesome air to perform some awesome grabs and spins. I’ll hit up the Park of Awesomeness and press the Rails of Awesomenessand jib the Awesome Jibs

  • By being cooler and more trendy than Tranny Finders, even though that is going to be hard!


    I will defend awesome by using the shop weather forecast board to dupe tourists away from powder days…

  • Tristan Graham

    By shredding and partying as hard as possible with Leeds MET Snowsports! Because we are better than uni! xD

  • ryan

    by mulching dead babies in a woodchipper and compressing the remains into the dirtiest shred stick on the hill

  • MastaM

    by taking fat shits everywhere I go

  • Dan

    I will defend awesome by opening up contests to Canadian/international residents.

  • Shredi

    im gonna defend the awesome by being trendy and riding Brighton…

  • hanging out with my wang out

    I’m doing it this year by putting shredding first and maybe girlfriend 6th if she is lucky haha do work! !!!!!!!!!!

  • woozy

    I will defend the awsomeness by showing the skiers in the park how real men ride

  • Ty H.

    I will defend awesome in the following ways:
    1. Drop out of college(I don’t need it anyways)
    2. Quit my job (Fuck that place)
    3. By a trailer, a small one
    4. Slay and kill shit

  • josh l

    i will defend awesome by wearing my Union canadian bindings. that were available in the polar bear riding land unlike these

  • Trey

    I will be defending awesome by:
    One: watching DOA to sleep every night
    Two: Not using any bad companies (anything but Capita)
    Three: Selling all I own except for Capita stuff
    Four: Because i’m going to type Capita (no copy and paste) 50 time because there awesome.
    The 50 Capita’s i Promised: Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita Capita

  • matt

    i am going to drink myself near death and not snowboard one time.

  • I will defend by chillen with some sexy ladies, drinking ice cold beer, and shredding until I can no longer walk or am too drunk to function!

  • Qwert

    By not being JP Walker.

  • Mayhem

    by going ass over tea kettle as much as possible

  • Zach

    shred the fuck outa them

  • Stew

    I just graduated college and the world is a fucked up place. People are sitting in the streets, lift tickets are $100+, and weed is still illegal. Definitely not awesome. All I can do is to defend awesome one POW slash at a time.

  • Crawdaddy

    i will defend awesome by pooping on Shaun whites ginger pubes

  • abby

    using the force

  • JS

    by getting as many lip slides as possible, without or without a snowboard on my feet.

  • Herpderp

    I’m gunna swivel or zeach every rail then make twixtor edits to waka flaka.

  • Drake

    By bringing a little bit of Meadows to Summit

  • sprinklin some awsome nugs and shreddin some awsome pow. fuckin awsome shit.

  • Phil

    Fuck this guy ^

  • Weston

    Because i shit myself

  • adam

    I’m going to defend awesome by having fun with my friends while riding snowboards all over the midwest.

  • Drake frat Bro

    by doing the elephant walk

  • Gus schalo

    I gonna defend awesome by Shredding on my CAPiTA Deck ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!!!!
    see you in the park HOMIES!!!!! Lets All love CAPiTA AND UNION all season
    Plus, i Really need some bindings so help me win em so i don’t have to buy them….. but if i dont win em you know where i be buying em…..

    I DEVOUR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • List of ways I will defend awesome this season:

    -Take a dump in the urinal at Alta
    -take mother nature out to a dinner and a movie so she will put out (or just give her some mdma)
    -Organize a Powder 11 competition
    -Wear all of my backcountry gear through the park
    -consuming harmful substances for personal enjoyment
    -kill something (that isn’t awesome)
    -wear my sunglasses at night (just kidding)
    -obsessively pursuing the white room
    -sharing all my magical pixie dust with friends when I win

  • Kerwin Steinberg

    Thought shall defend awesome by slashing walls, pressing boxes, pointing booters, and sliding rails. What more could a guy ask for?

  • jacob thomas

    i will defend the mountain by boarding with a blowup doll strapped to the front of my board holding a paintball gun..

  • gus gus

    by representing the NORTH WEST!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Zach Leach

    By zeaching the shit out of Drake frat Bro

  • jagged

    will give free ______ for bindings….

  • Mr. McDank

    ^ Jimrobs 😉

  • Connor

    I’m not entirely sure

  • Tom

    I’m going to defend awesome the best way I know how, by heading up to the mountain, putting on my headphones, tuning out the world, relaxing on my way up the chairlift, and forgetting about everything in my life doesn’t concern me and snowboarding.

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    I’m just going to snowboard and stuff, I guess. riding a mythical creature might be cool too.


    I’m going on offense fuck this game

  • chadmo

    I’m gonna defend awesome by having more fun on the mountain than anyone else this year.
    …and nothing is more fun than starting the season with some free shit!!

  • as\


  • Mike

    Doesn’t my ultrafear automatically defend awesome for me?

  • Blz

    I will defend awesome by quiting my job right now so i can snowboard everyday in my new bindings!!!!!!

  • Dizzy

    1. Heavy headin’!
    2. X-arms.
    3. Tall tees.

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    all of you sound so lame right now. and i bet you listen to brokencyde. fuck dubstep too.

  • Griffin

    Im going to defend awesome by Shredding Skibowl all season long.

  • Anton Borisov


  • guy

    I will defend awesome by disliking every previous comment.

  • Pero

    I think Kyle Murdoch should win because he’s Canadian eh! And, well so am I and we’ve been defending AWESOMENESS for many years… That’s all… Well I’d like to win too but there’s only one prize…

    Ps, I just bought my first Capita… It’s pretty awesome :-/

  • hUh

    making sure the bitch is on birth control and not wearin a condom

  • CMAN

    I plan to defend awesome by simply walking into Mordor

  • BenR

    I will ride as much powder as I can before the snow melts….anywhere I can find it.

  • By slaying with my bros on our shredsticks’, talking shit to encourage progression, and not letting lifties, pricks on sticks or skipigs damper the awesomeness we all strive oh so hard to protect!

    gnar kill pow

  • sex sells, so yeah..


    I’m gonna defend awesomeness by growing a mustache ,telling my boss to fuck off,yell KENNY CHIIIIIIIIMMMMMPPPPPPSSSS all the way down the mountain, show my ass to ski patrol, hit on my brothers wife in front of him, eat a cheeseburger with only meat cheese and a shit load of ketchup while thinking about Dan brisse, go to a white house press conference and while Obama is speaking yell out SCOTT STEVENS WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOWWWWWWWW, spend money on capita board that I don’t have just so I can support my local shop Milosport Laffayete, and last but not least defend it by telling other mother lickers that I know and don’t know to buy CAPITA AND UNION PRODUCTS

  • Im gonna defend awesome this winter by volunteering to hang out with a bunch on inner city kids and teach them how to snowboard

  • Steve

    I’m gonna defend awesome by being awesome and shit! Domesticating wild bears and attaching machine guns to there backs! But seriously I’m gonna go all one footed like Scott Stevens.

  • IGuessThisIsCool

    I’m not 100% sure what awesome actually is, but I will sure try my darndest to defend it, while drinking and smoking my way through the season each and everyday. Fuck the liver, fuck the lungs, look out body, here it comes!

  • IGuessThisIsCool

    And I will definitely make sure to DO it in the park.

  • Awesome will be defended everytime I jerk off…..awesome….

  • Hayden

    I will defend awesome by patrolling the park, inforcing the laws of snowboarding rules with an iron fist. Rule 1: NO TINDYS! Rule 2: zeach within reason, and if you scorp, SMACK UPSIDE THE HEAD, STOOPIT! Rule 3: Make sure that there are no other rules, cause after all, its snowboarding. Last but not least, I will transport people to a place where you don’t need eyes to see. METHOD BOY, AWAAAAYYYYY!

  • jake luczak

    give me them bindings ni99a. and yo shoessssss. HUHHHH

  • Benjamin Flocka

    Awesome will be defended while i work part time for the man at Timberline Ski School, then defended even more while i go ham at SKI BOWL!

  • ZackM

    I will only get it in with milfs this season.

  • Andrew

    I will defend awesome by putting my face on stride gum…. oh wait, thats been done before

  • Krispy

    I’m going to Defend awesome this season by not having a nose ring like Kyle Fischer

  • Henry

    I AM going to defend awesome by strapping these fresh CAPiTA bindings over my new 32 Scott Stevens boots that i got this summer at High Cascade, while still rocking my last summer goggle burn from mt. hood like i was born with it! defend awesome with 32 boots and GOGGLE TANSS!

  • Vickery

    Imma defend awesome by swag cooking my ass off. with those bindings i shall be able to fuck all based gods bitches

  • Jeremy

    I will defend awesome while drinking beer!

  • Ant

    How do I defend awesome? Got my girlfriend pregnant, moved to Tahoe, got married, got a job at a ski resort, had a baby girl, making future defenders of awesome. That’s how I defend awesome and I plan to do more of that this season. Make more defenders of awesome.

  • Da Jolly Roger


  • Atcha Boi

    I will Defend Awesome by saving Gnarnia with my radical shredding!

  • Dan Flanders

    I play on defending awesome this season, by rockin the shred stick all season long, and shredding peoples faces off on the Gnar barrrr . FYB 😉

  • Trey

    I will Defend Awesome by hacking this comment so you can like it 3 TIMES!!!!!!! NO JOKE. Try it, What do you have to lose.

  • lube

    its gonna be a slippery season
    stock up on that lube kids

  • Sam

    @ Stew – stop complaining, get a job, and help some people.

    That’s how I defend awesome, stirring up hate on yobeat. Should I just post my shipping address here?

  • Brian Gormley

    I will defend awesome by letting Bode Merrill and JP Walker settle their differences…on Jerry Springer.

  • I’m going to start EVERYDAY off by watching Last Action Hero (Trust me, that movie is awesome). Promptly after watching said flick, I will eat one bowl of Capn Crunch, shotgun one Monster Energy Drink (the coffee kind, because its the morning), smoke two cigarettes, then it’s off for my day. My day will consist of grabbing tuck knee, doing jacksons (cause they’re played, but i still think they’re awesome), slashing while grabbing backside, and doing wildcats. After the flick, the eats, the energy, the smokes, and the tricks, I’ll end up at Spedelli’s for some tasty suds and cool bros, because that’s awesome…… Way awesome.

  • ben

    by snowboarding instead of being a responsible adult.

  • Oh shit. I forgot to add a weed comment in mine. Kids hit “like” for weed comments.

  • Jack McNeedsbindings

    By side sadelling my purple pegasis to the top of a mountain then slaying down it until my knees explode into a firey madness

  • judas

    by plowing jerm’s mom in the back of the range, nukka

  • Noah

    I will Defend awesome by hunting Shaun White and shutting down Burton

  • Tom

    To defend the awesome im going to get snow from the arena to do backyard jibs!

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    that Jess Kumira edit was dope….
    do I win?

  • brighton

    Chris Bradshaw.

  • henry k

    i will defend awesome by getting taught by scott stevens

  • chris uvanni

    shitttttt yoo them are hot let me got some #hollaaa

  • Phommy

    Today i got nailed. My life is bro

  • The French

    By not surrendering.

  • Do those come in step-in?

  • Phommy

    I will give them away to the one with the 2nd most likes

  • jeffjefferson

    I got 11 internal stitches, 16 external across my spine because i cowboy’d onto a 1″ pipe hiding under some grass and ice rink snow. The doctor said, “it’s a miracle I can even move my legs.” That’s all i got…

  • Early Earl

    ill defend by smoking the ganj and staring at the ultra fears graphics til i pass the fuck out. scott stevens is a god

  • michael williamson

    Ill defend awesome by dougieing in my snuggie while riding the park.

  • Based Dog

    I will defend awesome by getting snow-jobs on the mountain in-between laps.

  • Clayton

    I will defend awesome at Stevens Pass and Mission Ridge by Riding 5 times a week, taking a bloodoath, and sprinkling my head with holy oil from the Grand Tetons. I will drink magical urine from a female Unicorn, and finger paint by body and ride naked on Saturday evenings and Thursday afternoons. I will wear a “fierce” headdress made from the soft wool of an Alfa Male Alpaca, and i will rise before the sun and drink milk straight from the calf’s tit… These are all ways I WILL Defend Dwesome!!!

  • blahh

    Fucking like it!

  • corey

    i want those bindings! and i will defend by reppin them all day every day

  • ButchCassidy

    I am going to do zeaches, swivels, and no grab spins. thats it. keeping it rad

  • jmssaucier

    ill defend awesome by dragging my ballsack across 6 miles of shattered glass while wiping my ass with billy mays moist pubic hairs and shoving white chocolate covered pretzel sticks in my ears and midway through the 6 miles I’ll choke all the faggot pop singers out there today with a banshee bungee and then once their face turns bright purple I’ll sprinkle some meat, cheese, peppers, veggies and sour cream and wrap them up in a giant tortilla and feed them to the homeless and then once my 6 miles is up I’ll run a marathon with bleu cheese and axe cologne sprayed all over my neck
    all while balancing my capita on my head and singing the national anthem.

  • Ben

    I plan to defend awesome by shredding 100+ days this year all over the country, urban, park, anything I can get down on and spread the stoke and awesome. Besides Dan Broadwell is the god damn boss on the east coast and he defends awesome for Capita 24/7 365. Run and tell dat!

  • Tanner

    I plan to defend awesome by being awesome!

  • Trolling yobeat with rick rolling links, chatting with hot babes in chat rooms, and luring 9 year olds to my van with expired halloween candy.

  • Zach Kittrell

    I plan to Defend Awesome by watching Defenders of Awesome and then going snowboarding and trying to land almost every trick that I see in the movie. And if that plan doesn’t work then I’ll just sit on my couch, eat chips, and try to disprove Einstein’s equation E=mc2

  • James

    I don’t need to defend awesome, I AM, awesome…, in Him.


  • Alan

    He who does the least work wins. This is how the world works.

  • by spraying roobs every chance i get

  • Swagg Hanson

    i would defend awesome but not doing shit and letting charlie sheen “win” all over the oppositiion

  • connor

    im gonna defend awesome by zeaching all over Jp Walkers face

  • sean


  • zeenoo

    gonna snowboard and try not to rupsure my spleen this season

  • Max h

    By rocking out and hard as fuck

  • lol

    i’ll make snowboarding even more awesome by removing every “snow bro”, one football ticket at a time. also i’ll clap for the kids having fun who are stoked on a trick, regardless of how good they are

  • the bizzzzzz

    is there more hot snatch like you there?


  • PETR

    i will buy a large quantity of cucumbers, and turn them into pickles, then eat those pickles

  • Jong

    I will defend the awesomeness buy not being Pat Milbery while I snowboard

  • too far?

    by yelling DUMP ‘EM at the hottest girl in my school and filming it for yobeat viewing pleasure. most of the people here are either 13 year old kids or 25+ creepers dying to see some under age tits, it’s a win win.

  • I’m gonna spend the winter working at snowshoe. Wake up every morning and hit fresh tracks, Rep West Virginia, throw down in the park, butter your girl friends’ muffin, try to find a pair of the PBR union bindings, wake up naked on the snow, ask a homeless person for money, sing a duet with Art Garfunkel, watch the realms videos, Party ’till I puke and/or am homeless, shave a cat, put super glue in the moms shampoo, start working on my masters degree, not cut my hiar, not cut my mustache, sing karaoke, pay some bills, wash my car, drink some coldies and play music at a few bars on nights I don’t have to work…Livin’ the dream.

  • turd fergason

    by killing small children with my ultrafear

  • balls

    fuck this

  • Joe

    Not possible but why not try…Capita/Union/32 team kills it…nuff said

  • i know some little kid is going to hit like on every computer in his school so why try?

  • Nick

    I will defend awesome by killing snowbladers and all other non awesome.

  • tristan

    By Snowboarding and Having Fun while I do so! that should be pretty awesome

  • Lee

    By being awsm

  • yes

    I will defend awesome BY

    1. Slaying every box that enters my sight on the mountain(aka vag, pussy, the bearded oyster, not the boxes made for pussys)
    2. Overcharging tourists/kooks for herb because I know I can, & buy more ganj for me self (they know its going to happen, & they accept it. At least they are getting hooked up).
    3. Smoking out homies/any one who is having a bad day/occasional family of 5, with the freshly earned free pot. (Who doesn’t love getting high for free?cmon kids)
    4. Getting as weird as possible on the snow. (douche canoes, bros, gapers, and pregnant women, look out)
    5. BY NOT GIVING A FLYING FUCK WHAT KIND OF GEAR I ROCK BECAUSE ITS FREE BITCHES. (hook it up you yobeat fucks, besides why the fuck do you give a fuck) FUCK!

  • Im going to defend the awesomeness of Tahoe by [email protected] mucho pow this season. ill face shot harder than michael jackson faceshots 10 year old boys.


  • balla mcgee


  • warren

    Ill defend the awesome by riding all day and working at night all at one place…Brighton, UT.

  • Baba Ganoosh

    I will defend awesome by snowboarding. Not posing, not bragging, just going out and enjoying a good time in the snow, having fun, and keeping my mouth shut when everyone else is talking about how awesome their weekend was.

  • Dawid

    I’ve just bought my 1st capita board, so I’m cool with defending my awesomeness:)

  • Guy

    I will be defending awesome this season by respecting women and treating others the way I would like to be treated.

  • Adam

    I would take out shaun white, replace him with myself, and announce to the world I am in love with justin bieber. Then do a meat curtain grab naked

  • O’Bradshaw

    Giving brooke geary a stern fingering.

  • by tickling many nipples, wait, whats going on?

  • Berti85

    Shred like ther’s no tomorrow!

  • Mr. Buck Ferton

    I wish these would fit on my ski blades

  • neal

    miley cyrus playboy comes out nov.28th thats pretty awesome and im gunna defend that mag.

  • Armani Rivera

    I plan in defending awesome by rippin dicks with my shred sticks.

  • Riley Goodwin

    I am going to kill all of the tranny finders crew so we never have to watch one of there videos again.

    PS: Dylan Trewin has a hot sister!

  • Sethry

    I plan on defending the awesome by slashing every gaper I see.

  • Andrew

    wtf no Canadians allowed? that’s disappointing I really needed a new key chain..

  • smoke blunts

  • young mobinson

    i will defend awesome by finally moving from the city to the mountains. working a low paying job to afford to live in a small apartment. while riding every chance i get…even the chances i don’t get.

  • Leonard Buckwalter

    If I won this I would probably shit out my large intestine

  • kliford

    i am a huge red dog smoak blantz

  • Sean White

    This stuff isn’t even cool none of it is Shaun White’s pro line

  • Carter

    SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES! jk snowboard every day of the season and work at Northstar at tahoe

  • Kiwi brachtenbach

    This plan is the exact opposite of the Holocaust! I will defend awesome this season by being the opposite of awesome therefore getting my ass kicked and thus defending awesome by not being awesome.

  • cholmes

    Eating pizza, drinkin’ burz, and snowboarding because it rulez.


    capita and union help me herp while i derp.

  • /b/rothers unite

    we are many, we are few
    we are the feared, we are the weak
    we are comment haters, the trolls, the scourge of the internet

    we are /b/

    help a /b/rother out

  • j steele

    i plan on spraying every skier & gaper in the summit county area. also planing to shit on every doorstep owned by an FIS committee member

  • thatoneguy

    heroin, copious amounts of heroin. that is all.

  • BigCat

    I’m gonna defend awesomeness by taking my girl on a tree run leaving her ass in the middle of nowhere and continue my day shredding. Try making me watch Jersey Shore over The Art of Flight again Wha Pow!!

  • Zale wells

    Start the defending by hitting up the local street scene (anchorage) with some homies. Take a weekend trip to turnagain pass to hit a couple jumps. Then Finish it off by skating my indoor mini ramp

  • Kiwi brachtenbach

    I’m gonna defend awesome this season by being AMUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURICAN!

  • Ben Schinn

    yes it does.

  • uhhh yeah

    By not giving a fuck any day, it’s awesome

  • SnowBoarDing!!!

    I am planning to sleep at the snow park so I dont have to drive an hour to get there, so I have more time to shred and defend the world of awesomeness.

  • I will defend with translucent steeds. Zombies wont touch me with a mother fuckin 20 foot pole. My sweat will defend my mountain,my snow, my home.

  • rowan

    I plan on getting a crew together, putting on those bindings, and entirely recreating capita: the defenders of awesome in my local pyrenean spots! (also if anyone is giving away hd cameras and red bull helicopters i’ve been thinking about a sort of “art of flight” type production 🙂

  • Ben

    By keepin them gingers in their place

  • rowan

    also ill give five dollars to every person who likes my previous statement contact me at [email protected]

  • sven

    percect for my black death…

  • piles

    in defending awesome and devouring everything the plan is to hold passes at two unaffiliated washington ski areas, shred with old and new friends, eat egg or turkey sandwiches daily, drinking too much coffee, spliff life, new maneuvers and features, become the best by having the same fun as everyone else while running shred gear that ive already shredded to the brink, and stretch the few pennies I got into a winter of traditionally inspired stoke. defending awesome without any pre-existing definitions on how to have fun.

  • PileS

    putting cig butts in the waste basket, giving homeless people change for booze, snaking fewer fellow shreds, wearing sunblock with a wetsuit, being a nice crack dealer, not slapping hoes unless they deserve it, peeing AFTER i get off the bus, fewer dutch ovens for the one night boxes, not complain about going to the store for a swish when I cant find my shoes. you know defending awesome by helping others devour stuff and stuff.

  • Gabriele strangolini

    I defend the Awesome with mushrooms. I like bears because they eat people

  • filthy rich

    …by livin’ the dream.

  • Ivan

    I´m not defending shit, coz i live in Europe….suckers…

  • corey

    D.O.A. ALL DAY ERrr Day!!! Massive Poopies

  • Skilmer

    This is gay, yaall is gay

  • Vinnie

    I plan to defend awesome by riding as much as possible…. The real question is how will you defend awesome!!!


    i shall defend the awesome by doing all the crAzy shit that my bros are to scared to do!

  • Rolf

    I will defend awesome in numerous ways.

    1st, Having save enough money all year, I quit my job to maximize shred time at Utah resorts.

    2nd, Those bindings look like they’d be great handles, especially when decapitating skiers trying to get to pow spots before me.

    3rd, Ride all winter long uppin my game

    4, Refer back to number 2

  • upsidedownsmile

    I will bring camber back to the indoor survival.

  • “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

  • Tron

    I am Dr. Awesome.

  • jmssaucier

    I will defend awesome by shreding the park, and back country with my bros and ripping up any sick street spot I can get my hands on and just not giving a fuck about reality. If I died snowboarding, you could honestly tell everybody in the world that I died happy.

  • Logan

    I will defend awesome by reppin CAPiTA until i die.

  • Leif

    I plan to defend awesome by first putting on a pair of depends(adult diapers)
    from there I will hit all the gnarliest sh!t I can find and anything anyone is willing
    to point out to me, after this I will change the depend cuz it will be full!!
    then I will head to my all time favorite bomb run and stomp it from peak to creek
    on a Saturday morning! If I make it to the bottom I will then be looking for suggestions
    on the next gnarliest thing I should hit all the while with…………… eyes CLOSED!!
    vote for me! I need a pair of bindings like a pimp needs his ho’s!!

  • Bill Sanchezzzz

    I will defend awesome by shooting guns out my sunroof and driving tractors across raging rivers.

  • ThugZone

    I would stop the side-jumpers and the weekend worriers from entering the park… and i would probably wear a cape too.

  • Al

    I’m going to defend awesome… Like a Boss.


    Hello there,

    My name is Steven jacobs, I am the assistant to the vice-president of Team Marketing at Sled Dogs LLC. We are very excited about this opportunity to produce a limited collaboration with Union Snowboard Fixations. Even though we just make ski boots with a slick bottom, we appreciate the historical value of these graphics and the reference to wizardry, lightning bolts, and awesome…all things we excel in here at Sled Dogs LLC. If we receive these prototype fixations, we will produce Sled Dogs in the same colorway and release them to 5 lucky YoBeat Snowboard and Ski Lifestyle Website readers. This way more people can experience the freedom of rollerblading on the snow, while still showing off their cool factor.



  • Mat Carboni

    Defending the awesome by keeping hoes in line and fixing my knee up so i can keep shredding. Also I AM THE OCEAN

  • oldtimer

    Going to defend Libya! I heard Jackie Stallone’s been killed in a firefight!

  • supereightiesgnar

    i will be defending awesome this winter by tweaking tindys


    Hello there,

    My name is Steven Jacobs. I am the vice president of gay dogs LLC. We are very excited about this opportunity to produce a limited collaboration with Union Snowboard Fixations. And even though this is a snowboarding website, We thought we would try and promote our retarded ski boots here. And even though the colorway/pattern has â„¢, we thought if we won we would copy your dope bindings and make them into a gay ass mini ski boot. This way, many people can experience the homo-ness of roller blading on snow.


  • Eric LeGov

    as captain awesome i will just be doing my job.

  • Snorlax

    by sleeping on the only road that leads to awesome thus preventing non awesome people from battling the gym leader koga or getting to the safari zone

  • Dear Fake “Sled Dogger”,

    I do not appreciate the tom foolery around our product. Even though we went bankrupt in ’98, we are on a full comeback and firmly believe these fixations will contribute to our rise to the top of the extreme action sports lifestyle again. Once all of the freestyle snowboarding, ski, short-ski, agressive telemarking, and mono-ski enthusiasts see how awesome our plastic-bottom ski boots look in this colorway we will be out of the RED and into the RAD.


  • by gettin dubbers back on facebook

  • hmmm

    by hoping for just a down vote all the way down here.. 271!! wtf

  • Ryobi

    Zeach like Leach

  • Ryobi

    And by not whoring myself out to C3 in a comment on YoBeat

  • martin beran

    I plan on defending awesome by getting laid off before the local mountains open, going on unemployment to pay rent and gas and panhandling for beer $$. This winter should be tits!

  • Cider

    I plan on defending awesome by crushing urban with a 40 in one hand, blunt in the other, while riding a CAPiTA StairMaster Extreme and Union Forces!

  • Matt

    I will defend awesome by strapping these badass binders right onto my horrorscope, then lead my army of hoodlums down the mountain slaying everything we see, including other riders…

  • Luc Masera

    I will defend awesome by shredding down the green hills of middle earth, cause capita kids dont need no snow!!!

  • Preston sierra

    Will defend awesome by thrashing the fuck out of my 2010 horrorscope and could with all capita gear this year!!!

  • Clint c.

    Let me get that, my unions are a couple years old with last years toe caps

  • Kyle C.

    By punching the gaper who wins these, in the face…..

  • PAM

    Downvoting anyone who mentioned a company in their comment.

  • Preston sierra

    Crab cakes and football-cuz that’s what Maryland does…
    Beer and snowboarding-cuz that’s what Minnesota does…
    Slashing and thrashing-cuz that’s what Capita does

    defend awesome while awesome defends Capita

  • Carl Winslow

    I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I beat out millions of other sperm in order that I might ride a piece of wood down crystallized water at high velocity, while occasionally flying through the air. We’re all stupid. Deal with it.

  • Daniel Zakrzewski

    My last name is ridiculous and I need these bindings to defend my awesomeness


    I will DEFEND awsome by snorting this magical pixie dust then ima strap in on my charlies slasher snowboard and carve osama bin laden dead corspe into fine sushie nuggets ill feed to my kids on christmas morning.

  • Kool aid and frozen pizza

    I plan to defend awesome by growing a full fledge beard and bringing a vikings hat and a sword on to my hill and getting hammered and telling ski patrol that I wipe my ass with a cheese grader then I’ll run into the woods with my ass hanging out

  • Garrett

    with a DICKNOSE

  • brett hanson

    fuckin bitches and makin money.

  • Tomoe

    You. You caused the rain to bleed.

  • Jeff D

    I will defend awesome by kicking shawn white in his little ginger snatch

  • DubMk

    by clubbing whales and shit.

  • pat

    who’s awesome?

  • Eric T

    No need to hide yo kids or wife. Awesome will be protected soon after I win this contest


    By slipping nick lipton a roofie at a hip portland dive bar, kidnapping him, driving to alabama and dropping him off in a top tier frat with pledge written on his forehead so he’s really uncomfortable and culturally out of his element. Maybe he’ll come out a little more humble.

  • jms

    i’ll nosepress your box if you lipslide my rail.

  • I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing every season… spraying gapers.

  • Josh Tuzzolino

    Please let me win
    i need

  • Nick

    By commenting first on all yobeat videos, TWsnow videos, not showering and fucking bitches on a rainbow

  • Fuck you HIPSTER!

    Fuck Capitia and fuck defending awesome….

    Let the hipsters have their brand….

    Except Scott Stevens….. he rules

  • Riley

    I will defend awesome by repping my new indoor survival and union of capita bindings with pride, recite the DOA creed as my prayers, drive the burton gappers of the slopes, and throw down tricks never seen before with my new c3 heroism. This season, I vow, to defend, awesome!

  • a

    …by pointing out that this is rigged.

  • Nickname

    Like this and you will defending awesome among many others

  • Jolly D

    I will defend awesome by learning to snowboard again after my season ending achilles tendon tear at my ripe old age of 22…

  • Pat Greenwald

    Crack Rocks

  • heartsnow

    i will go to church every sunday.make sure all my friends buy capita\union products. i will get mad bitches with these bad boys. i will destroy every urban rail i see. 1 LOVE

  • Scheri Crane

    I tore my ACL last saison. SO I HAVE TO DEFEND AWESOMENESS THIS SAISON! twice

  • G

    I will defend awesome by not riding Scummit

  • ray finkle

    Working For The City 2 defending it

  • I dont have any thing awesome so i need to defend something that is!

  • I dont have any thing awesome so i need to defend something that is,and beside i could use some more pixie dust


    I will defend awesome by drinkin baileys from a boot, going to clubs where people wee on each other, and TAKIN HOOKS OUT OF MY HEAD, YA MOTHER LICKA!

  • Whiny little BIOTCH

    By being a whiny little loser, because “my old ones are broken” or “I don’t have any money.” im just going to whine about how much i “need” these. Oh yeah, and then im going to dislike every other comment to bring up my chances

  • Jake Chitty

    I like these binidings, so like my comment. thanks, have a good day.

  • One footer

    hittin handies

  • Seamus McPeppercorn

    I will defend by hiding in the corner of the grocery store and pretending I’m a potato.

  • lubes older sister

    by lubing myself up with peanut butter and descending into hell to chill with cerberus

  • Matt

    By teaching chuck norris how to shred as well as bill cosby can make a homeless man laugh

  • lame sauce

    by selling all my shit before I went off to college….then by not going to college and having no gear and plenty of snow. AWSOME!

  • first ill chief bwunts then slay some mad box pussy

  • steezus

    I will defend awesome by slaying the red haired dragon that continues to spread his wrath upon our shred. I shall enter battle prepared with my capita in my quiver, edges razor sharp for a clean cut. I will go down in history for I hath returned thy sport to thy people!

  • balls

    smoke weed and hail satan

  • Holla!!

    how I plan to defend awesome this season is riding with my nine year old and wife as much as possible. Snowboarding is awesome gotta keep it in the the family.

  • Brent Bridston

    I’m gonna rep them in the mountainous terrain of Colorado everyday I can!

  • James Saucier

    I’m gonna defend awesome by judo chopping rosie odonnel right in the erection. WAH POW

  • bernard

    dislike here

  • barry

    Imgonna blast musterd hickeys all over these bitchs at the mountain this year and slap dead deer stalls

  • Hayden Smith

    I want to tear up my mountains not my ACL again. I will defend awesome by doing Rocket airs and Tapping everything insight both jibs and women. If you don’t like this you must be queer!

  • juan puga

    i will be defending awesome this winter by raww dogging as many btchess as i can….and of course by shredding it

  • radical K


  • Danny Zirkelbach

    i will be defending awesome on my ultrafear. that says enough.

  • Spencer Jennnings

    This season I plan on defending awesome by getting out of school on November 18th and then, starting the next morning, riding every day, all day through out the entire winter. I’ll ride park at park city during the week and ride powder at snowbird on the weekends. I plan on stomping as many new tricks as I can possibly learn. Until then I can only fantasize waist deep powder, long smooth jibs, and crisp 3’s over big kickers. I’ll shake in my boots, watching snowboard videos every day until the first chair. I might even wear my goggles around the house just for the hell of it.
    Happy riding or in most cases; dreaming

  • I will be defending women. And animals. and small pieces of fruit. and tall people. and people with no hair when I win these bindings & stuff. Thanks yobeat, and thanks capita/union!

  • Ben Spencer

    By getting a cat tattoo and shredding!!

  • Bvc

    I will NOT buy a macbookpro 13″ or a GoPro this season. Thats how

  • Ford

    by winning these bindings and selling them to buy some drugs and a cheap hooker

  • pk pk

    just huckin it chuckin it as always.

  • philip scott

    i’m just waiting for the season to start!
    ====== = ====== ========== =
    = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = =
    = ====== ===== = =====
    = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = =
    ====== = = = = = = =

  • GARY


  • roadkill

    This competition is gayer lipton’s receading hairline!

  • sads

    This shits gay, what will keep someone’s homies from liking his comment?

    Stupid yobeat, go die in a fire. I’m not even gonna attempt to read all these fucking comments. Fuck me.

  • voltron

    i do not have a job so i dont need to quit that but your probably asking yourself how i must defend this fortress of awesomeness i will just chop the evil trolls into a million pieces with my katana and eat that shit raw.

  • CONG

    Defend awesome, don’t be a kook

  • jesse guffey

    i plan on defending awesome by spraying old people with mass amounts of snow, and deff jibbing off little kids helmets! and in the mix of all this ill be drinking my favorite winter drink = soco in my cocoa!
    and shredding gnar with homeboiiiiis! 10-4 over n out!

  • jesse guffey

    i prolly wont win but thats a brutal collection!

  • CharlieSheen

    By Winning

  • Logan

    i Will defend awesome by strapping these onto my 09 horroscope ASnd riding them until they just dont work anymore. I will actually use them because i cant afford to get a new board or bindings everyyear.

  • E.C. Nerolf

    i plan on defending awesome by riding my capita horrorscope and union forces, having a stupid amount of fun.

  • Mike L

    my bindings are around 15 years old….new unions would ultimately defend awesome for me

  • cheetoh stains

    Just gonna get so fuckin pitted allll winter….

  • jake luczak

    fuck that kid whose winning. give me those mo fuckas. o’doyle rules

  • Carl “Carwhal the Gnarwhal”Freund

    I shall grab my board and slideth down thine mountain, piercing the abdomens of all gaper skiers in my way, for that is my duty as a Gnarwhal, and as a defender of awesome. And I really need bindings to put my flippers in.

  • Hunter V

    I’m gonna rip on my Stairmaster Extreme as I bomb kickers and fight off all that’s bad and evil in the air…

  • yoyougotfruit

    Im going to win these.

  • Zen Master

    By Killin Shittt. With the help of these Bindings of Course.


  • Chode Busta

    I think i just lost

  • Logan

    Fuck this contest

  • Dicker

    im gonna go snowboarding!!!!

  • m3th

    ill be defending awesome. Straight up…… no shit

  • well…

    i call bullshit!!! there arent even 625 yobeat veiwers

  • YobeatYobama

    tools for the win.

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  • Connor

    Awesome will be defended tis year by keeping the women in the kitchen.

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