Rejected Edits: October


This extra-big batch of rejected edits had some doozies in it. Up until this point I had had hope, even the Tranny Finders posted a couple videos I didn’t hate, but this group with their weak tubes, Pokemon theme songs, and bad camera work are really bringing my pre-winter stoke level down. Hopefully this isn’t the caliber of edit we can expect to see all winter.

Kyle Gola Season Edit

Grade: F
Stop, stop, just stop. Pokemon isn’t even ironically cool. No amount of hammer dropping could have saved this edit. And I’m not saying that because you had some hammers in there — you didn’t. It was just awful. Not only did I not watch the whole edit, I didn’t even let it load fully before I stopped.

The Glassier

Grade: D
Pokemon snowboarding and then this? Why? This song may be sick when you’re standing around the quad kicking the footbag back and fourth or tossing the disc around but it has no place in a snowboarding edit. Keep it on the diagonal boys, you’re doing great.

Where da Rails At

Grade: F
I’m almost at a loss for words with this one. Here’s an idea — if the rail was removed from the spot, go somewhere else. Don’t make a useless edit on a 3 foot bench. And the next person to use Rick Ross or Waka Flaka in a stupid edit is going to receive a Jay and Silent Bob-style beat down.

Dog Park Demo from Next Gen

Grade: C-
This proves that dog parks are indeed littered with shit. If you’re sick of waiting and want to snowboard why did you put a tube in the way? Just get all the snow and make yourself a lane to get some turns in. There’s no need for another tube edit. Especially not from a couple of jabrones. And did you really need thee different devices to record this most epic day?


Grade: C-
Really got your film boner raging on this one, didn’t you? Some how, you took four decent shots of a pretty sick looking zone and managed to make me hate watching it. If you’re submitting this to your community college film class fine, but for the loyal viewers of Yobeat, dial it back a bit.

Intro 2 Tha Panchone Zone from the Tre Squad

Grade: D
Even the greats can sometimes fail us. Typically speaking, the Tre Squad brings the goods. However this early-season, run-along-side cam’d, dog-cameoing, dust- boarding edit has to be rejected. We have principles. Just because you use a comically ironic rap song and make fun of your sub par day snowboarding doesn’t mean you can get the feature post. This one is too far off the deep end of rough.

Danny Glibota Pre Shred

Grade: C-

No amount of fancy footwork trickery or ramping is going to change the fact that you made a solo 12 foot long tube edit. You tried to church it up with some crafty lifestyle shots in the beginning but when you get right down to it its just another guy who nobody knows hoping around on some ice rink snow and an irrigation tube. I just want to know how you convinced your homie to stand there hunched over panning back and fourth for 12+ hrs.

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  1. dredrick tatum
    dredrick tatum says:

    fuck you, the fuck you mean pokemon “isnt even ironically cool”? like your faggot bitch ass wasnt dreaming about getting a first edition shiny charizard or gettin that magikarp to evolve into a gyrados, who the fuck do you think you are? pokemon still is, and always will be the shit you pretentious fuck suck my dick and get the fuck outta here with your too cool “journalism” i will mollywop your roody poo candy ass

  2. wow
    wow says:

    Horrible rap – pokemon for two seconds is tolerable for shits n giggles, but damn – and one was slightly depressing somehow. Funny these guys would take the time to send this in

  3. Da Carp
    Da Carp says:

    The kids in the dog park edit looked stiffer than my limp dick. if a wide stance looks uncomfortable…. it probably is.

  4. Da Carp
    Da Carp says:

    “where’s da rails” why would you ride a brand new board down some janky ass stairs with 1 inch of snow in the middle of october you kooks.

  5. Shredi
    Shredi says:

    Dear Kyle Gola, please stop riding Stowe, your gonna give the place a bad name, seriously though, one time I read on the internet that grabbing your snowboard was cool.

  6. jmssaucier
    jmssaucier says:

    What the fuck? Pokemon? Hahaha I wouldn’t even call that a snowboard edit… good rejected edits though yobeat

  7. sorryimnotsorry
    sorryimnotsorry says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your right temporal lobe! If my brain was as damaged as yours, I wouldn’t be able to understand humor or sarcasm either. Unfortunately there’s no way to regenerate the brain cells you’ve lost. Good luck living your life as a pathetic loser who needs to make fun of others to feel good. Maybe you should stop sitting on your computer all day so your brain doesn’t degenerate even more.

  8. spencer
    spencer says:

    Jerm you should go back to jail and stop talking shit. Your not funny and you wear SAGA? Dont fuck with tre squad

  9. mute spittah
    mute spittah says:

    to top it off with were da rails at….those kooks were wearing goggles. come on, that itself is asking to get hated on.

  10. EpicDOOS
    EpicDOOS says:

    Jerm get your priorities out the garbage. Yobeat. thanks for the silly red helmet. kyle gola goes hard in the paint. I so pumped to be from jersey and and im even more pumped to go to VT! that shredi dude is gonna be so tickedEDED hehahahha

  11. Tech9Nick
    Tech9Nick says:

    Where da rails at, you guys suck at snowboarding. You are wana be hessians riding with your bindings too close. widen your stance and grow some balls pussies!

  12. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    each and every one of these edits makes me want to quit snowboarding if these kids are the “next generation”

  13. Nusuno Karya
    Nusuno Karya says:

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