Neck of the Woods FULL MOVIE


So, if nothing else, you can watch this and be glad you don’t have to snowboard in Ontario. Unless you do. Then you can watch it and be stoked that there are people making it happen there and every other flat, random place with snow.

“Dialogue Productions and Veghead Productions proudly present ‘Neck of the Woods’ for your viewing pleasure. A lot of work went into the making of this video; filmers, photographers, bungee pullers, winch runners, the riders and their friends all put in countless hours to make this happen. It’s 40 minutes of local Ontario riders rippin’ it in their neck of the woods (and sometimes not their neck of the woods when they go on a film trip).”

Directed/Edited by Trevor Harris and Andrew Wyton

  • .

    Canadian street riding is top notch.

  • damn, real sick especially considering its an am movie.

  • fibs

    the filming and editing is way to good in this, nice job

  • ramgorn

    ender guy with the natty dreadlocks absolutely kills it. such good style.

  • Jack Mo

    must be the free healthcare, these kids sent it! that was dope

  • Visioning

    We get it, you can 360 out

  • Guy

    Capita Microscope+crying when the bungee hits you=sick dude

  • ras trent

    wow that was way better than I was expecting. nice one young lads

  • im so excited to snowboard now, that was sick

  • shaquille oneil

    mark goodall kills it, such sick style

  • Great work, could have been a few less tricks and just keep the good ones though. Goodall rips!