A Quickie with Jed Anderson


Words. Danny Griffin. Photos courtesy VGsnow.com

Take a look at snowboarding present day – loads of people are killing it. Don’t believe it? Check out what Videograss had to offer this year. Two videos? Great Scott! Still don’t believe it? Then gun it up to 88 miles per hour and take note of the youngest member of the VG squad. He’s had last part two years running [Bon Voyage and Shoot The Moon] and with damn good reason. With winter on approach and more madness to come, let’s check in with Jed Anderson.

Winter’s around the corner and summer’s slacking off, how do you spend the “off” season?

Um I do a  lot of different things. I like to head home and hang out with all of my friends. I go camping, skateboarding, biking, etc. I like being in the city and just wandering around with my friends. Other than that I took a few trips.

When accidentally front-flipping off a building do you focus more on a clean landing or crisp style? 

Hahaha. I focus on surviving.

Speaking of crisp style your dance footage is scattered through out VG footage, where’d you learn your moves?

Gangsta boo.

Does your curly hair help with the extra funky maneuvers?


That photo of you on the VG Shoot The Moon page is quite peculiar: are you related to Harold Ramis in any way?

Ha I don’t know who that is so I’m assuming not.

I read the skate video parts that you like the most and i’m backing all of them; do you take bits and pieces from guys like BA and the Gonz and somehow bring it to your riding or do you think skating and snowboarding aren’t as related as everyone says they are?

I get most of my ideas and inspiration from skateboarding. I think the two can be related if you approach it a certain way.

How’d you feel about your song this year and the older tracks that VG chose to use? 

I chose my song this year and I think most of the other riders did as well. I thought the music was amazing this year. I really enjoyed everyones parts as well as the music.

Big L or Biggie?

I don’t think I could pick one. 90s East coast rap kills. Big L and Biggie are amazing.

So did Marben get many nicknames for his walrus ‘stache?

To be honest I didn’t get to spend much time with him this winter. I would think there were some jokes floating around though.

Dirks and that cassette blaster — did he have that everywhere he went?

Oh for sure! That thing is awesome. It’s always nice to have some music setting up spots and what not.

Is he part leprechaun?


Photo: John Rajic

Who kills it the hardest on the Salomon squad?

Everyone! They’re all awesome and I couldn’t be happier hanging with anybody else.

Has Louif taught you much French?

A little bit. I really want to learn another language. Hopefully this winter I can get that Rosetta stone. I feel like an idiot for only knowing one language. I am always meeting people from other countries that know 2 or 3 languages.

If you had to pick one VG rider to be your honorary uncle, who would it be?

Probably Lou…maybe Justin.

Parting words, shout outs, or freestyles?

Thanks for the interview! Shout outs to your boy Jose, Dan Morales, Danny Shuman, Fritz, Jared, Mike Able, and Dave Livingston.
Big upz.

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