Hump Day Keeps the Change with Dylan Dragotta


There’s a whole lot you can say about Dylan Dragotta if you know him, whether you’re referring to one of his 20 nicknames, his personality, or getting “techy” on them fools. You can find Dylan in the Noon at Loon club, hitting the hill at 11:45 (at the earliest), and riding til 3:30 when the light gets flat. Where is he all night? Hitting rails, on some crazy stealth mission in upstate NY on a week night, or hanging out at the infamous Plymouth State with the dirt bags that call that place home. One thing is for sure — Dyl9, Nylon, Lonnie, or whatever you want to call him, that kid knows how to ride a fucking snowboard all right.

Give everyone the N,S,L. to get it started.

Dylan Dragotta
Weare, NH

I was hoping for something clever like “21, yes, your bed,” oh well. I have to ask if you hate that 14 Pleasant Street doesn’t exist in the way that it once did? (It was once a legendary snowboard house at PSU, but is now a frat…)

Hate is a strong word, but yes I do hate that, 100%. 14 Pleasant St. used to hold it down so hard, a lot of really good times happened at that house. I`m definitely very lucky to say I attended the one and only Kip Sanchez invitational. Now a frat holds this house down and the legend died. It was good while it lasted but nothing lasts forever.

That leads me into asking about the window in the sunroom….

HAHA, the sunroom was my bedroom for a couple weeks when I moved back to NH from Tahoe. There really were not any walls in the room because it was surrounded with windows — a girls leg might have accidentally went through one of those windows during one of the coldest weeks of the winter. It was only $12 to replace though, mellow.

I tried to look past it, as did the homies, but two seasons ago you were running sweatpants on the daily, not Preston-Strout-goofing-around sweatpants, like…it was cold out and you were wearing sweatpants at the hill, care to explain?

Two years ago, I really could not afford to wear any nice snowboard gear. Before I started getting stuff from Burton and AG I definitely wore sweatpants all the time. I thought it was sick, I did it for the homies who don`t give a fuck. It is really nice to have moved past that and wear actual snowboarding gear now but I think about getting a new pair of sweats every spring. Movements.

What’s up with “the club” [known to the locals as The Chub Club] up at PSU, care to explain what’s happening in Plymouth?

Plymouth is a shit-show right now — it’s just that time of the year — everyone is dying for snow and the KTC premiere (10/22). The Club is where we all get down for the most part. John Taylor and Cole St. Martin live there, so you know a bunch of non- practical things are going down. For example: double 6 shooters? Why not, right? Oh yea and Brian pierced his own ear two nights ago for the pirate party…

What’s your outlook on Aliens? Do you think that they exist?

I believe Aliens exist and there are at least two species — there are the ones who travel time and space, then the ones who live in human form amongst us daily. Look at some of my friends for example: Ian Hart, Mike Rav, Registered R3G0, JOHNNY 5, LARZURUS, Vaughn Feldman, just to name a few. They all share very non-human super powers of sorts, yet live a very human lifestyle. I am close with someone who writes software for the gov’t and might have access to some non-public information/ documentation on extraterrestrial life and their history on our world.

You spent the winter filming with Keep The Change, and put together some serious footage, are you happy with the way that your part came out?

Oh man, I honestly have not seen my part yet. I am definitely very happy with some of the tricks we got and the fact that we somehow managed, as a group, to make a video actually come together. I will say that it is definitely an honor to have started working with Rob Balding and Colton Feldman. Those two are amazing filmers and editors, so even though I have not seen my part I already know that they will take what I was able to offer this year and make it look as good as it possibly could. DEFINITELY KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR KEEP THE CHANGE`S FIRST FEATURE FILM “GET IT TOGETHER”! If you live in New England, make sure to be at our world premiere in Plymouth, NH 10/22. Admission will be $5, that will all be going towards our road dog, Johnny Brady’s final surgery. Keep the Change needs a little more money to help him get pins removed from his healed leg. Johnny, you are the shit.

Any crazy stories from traveling with those dudes?

In my eyes the whole thing is a crazy story…. Not even a year ago Colton and I were in the driveway of 14 with absolutely nothing. I wasn’t actually getting anything from Burton yet and Colton didn’t have a camera or lens. We really wanted to make a video and were ready to do whatever to make it happen. I came up on enough money to travel and film all season by winning Rails 2 Riches early in the season and eventually (around Jan. 1st) Colton saved enough money for a HVX. We drove out to Minnesota with Tyler L’heureux to meet up with Rob Balding, Johnny Brady, Blake Geis and your boy Mark Wilson. Within the two weeks we spent there, our entire crew stacked clips for our video, but Johnson and Tyler got seriously hurt, then our entire crew got sick with fevers. Then Colton and Rob won the Super Park Showdown…

I know you also spent a few days heading North of the border with Ian Post and the I Heart Snow dudes. Did you bug out going to Canada? Chicks in Montreal looove American dudes, did you go in?

I always like going to Quebec, the trip I took up there this year with Ian was not that long. Riley Nickerson, Johnny 5 and myself might have hit three rails successfully before we drove back home, which isn’t bad because it’s only 3 hours from my house. The second time I went up north last winter was way better, the snow wasn’t as good but Phil Tardif showed us a good time. The second trip was Phil, myself, Johnny 5, Rave, Tanner Pendleton and Harrison Hagan. We got some sick shit on that trip for sure, that trip we finally experienced Canadian nightlife properly. None of us went in unfortunately, because we had to leave the bar that night (5 was being attacked by a very masculine chick and we had to get the fuck out of there before he got owned). Shout out to Rose-Mary, one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met. Next time we go to Victoriaville, Quebec I’m going to find her, and hopefully bring her back to America.

Got that international babe, what’s your plan for this upcoming winter? Filming for any specific projects? Traveling? Staying in New Hampshire?

As of right now, my only plans are to stay healthy and safe all season while pushing myself harder than last year. We’re definitely going to make another KTC video for the kids and continue to make Loonatics. I will be in NH for certain times through out the season, but a majority of my time will definitely be traveling to SLC, all of the New England states, obviously Victoriaville again for my girl Rose-Mary, Minnesota to see Mark, Froni, Stark, Blake, Jared, 86 and another Timberwolves game.

How far in advance do you plan your kits? Like, you always have some kind of matching kit on, and it’s always sick, but there’s no way that happens by chance, gimme the scoop?

I have always believed that if you feel good about how your snowboard and your kit looks then your going to have better performance (even when I rode in sweatpants). Now I wouldn’t say I match my shit up all the time but a lot of my stuff happened to be color coordinated this season. You gotta stay kitted, matching or not, if you’re gonna be out there representing companies or even yourself you have to work with what you got and send it. Burton and AG happen to make ill shit that made that way easier for me this year.

Hahahah dude, you’re too much AND lastly, who sponsors you? Who takes care of you? Any shout outs?

Burton, AG, Arnette, Mica, Hobo, Eastern Boarder, Ratchet Skateboards, Gravis, J beats, Direction, FF.

Big shout out to my family for believing in me, everyone at Burton (Frankie, Upstate Mike, Billy A, Billy J, Austin P, Jagggs), Ryan Manning, Eric Turchon, Robbie Sell, Pineau, COLTON, SKYLAR, ROB, HARRY, Loren Brinton, Alito Collin Walters, Rav, Rego, Johnny, CSM, Tyler, the Rand family, Lahouts, Eastern Boarder, NH, all the diggers at Windells, Curtis Woodman, Pat Moore everyone at HCSC, Elm Creek and everyone who crossed paths with KTC this year.

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