Win: Union Atlas Glow in the Darkness Bindings


So bad news, the Union x PBR bindings were so hot they sold out before we even had a chance to giveaway a pair. But never fear! We’ve got a pair of Atlas Bindings to giveaway this week, and what’s this? Oh yeah, they glow in the dark! So you’ll be easily the coolest person at every night street mission and everyone will want to take your photo and you’ll be super famous and big time if you win them. To enter, just answer the questions below and email them to [email protected] One winner will be selected at random from all received on Saturday, Oct 22. One entry per person please.

AND THE WINNER IS… Will Rittenhouse who you can watch in action here!


Email Address:

Home mountain:

What size feet do you have:

Top 3 favorite snowboard companies:

Top 3 favorite pro snowboarders:

Favorite Shred Magazine:

Favorite website:

Favorite video out right now:

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  1. Drew Beattie
    Drew Beattie says:

    1 Union
    2 Bataleon
    3 celcius

    1 Scott Stevens
    2 Chris Grenier
    3 Torstein Horgmo

    Snowboard canada magazine

    Yobeat (obviously)

    Art of Flight

  2. Timwindells'ballsack
    Timwindells'ballsack says:

    haha no one’s gonna win. There jus gonna sell your information to penis enlargement companies. Good one Yobeat, I applaud your genius!!!!

  3. TimWindells'Shaft
    TimWindells'Shaft says:

    But then everyone on yobeat will have a giant wiener and will be too busy chasing skirts all winter to ride! Yobeat what have you done?!?!

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