The Cheapest Vacation Money Can Buy

Now that you’re sick of all the other snowboard videos you bought, it’s time to add Forum’s movie “Vacation” to your collection!

It’s time to get your Vacation on! Starting today, October 18th, you can now check out Special Blend, Forum and Foursquare’s highly anticipated movie, Vacation. Produced by the same people who brought you award-winning Forever and Fuck It, you’ll definitely want to add this flick to your snowboard movie collection. For instant gratification, Vacation is now available for download on iTunes, or feel really good and support your local shop by purchasing the actual DVD (arriving early next week) with never before seen and not available on iTunes footage.

Watch as Pat Moore, Jake Welch, Andreas Wiig, Nic Sauvé, Stevie Bell, and Youngbloods Daniel Ek, Cameron Pierce, Niko Cioffi, Austen Sweetin and Alek Oestreng Vacation in Cabo, Whistler, Quebec, Colorado, Montana and more. The premiere tour is still under way so keep an eye out for a stop close to you and catch Vacation on the big screen. To check which stops are yet to come and view complete coverage from the tour, go to, and